Tuesday, 16 September 2008

We don't like Ike

We got news yesterday that our house was damaged by Hurricane Ike. Our renters tried to stay at the house but ended up having to leave on Saturday due to some damage to the roof of our house. Nic and I are bummed and it's definitely hard to see your house like that and not be able to do anything about it. Our Realtors are awesome people and are already on the ball (I'm not sure why it's underlining some and not other bits, and I'm too tired to figure it out...). We have already started the claims procedure with our insurance people, so hopefully everything will be fixed soon! Anyway- here's pictures so you know what I'm talking about (remember the carpet was new, the paint was new... etc).
The above is the right side tree in our back yard...
This is the same tree, but from the other side. The poor thing got torn apart.
Here's pretty much the only part of the fence still standing.
Here's part of the roof that will need to be fixed. This is the back of the house.
Here's the fence, or what used to be the fence. The little girl's power wheels made me sad...
Here's the tree on our gutters (that we had just fixed!)
Here's more branches
This is one of the bedrooms, I'm not sure which one exactly. The renters tore up the carpet so the house wouldn't stink and it was sopping wet (I have AWESOME renters!)
Here is the hallway that leads to most of the rooms and the hall closet.
Here's another room... again, not sure which one.
More roof damage, this is the right side.
Here's the back fence.
This is the left side of the house, it's not too bad.
This is the ceiling that leads to the hallway I think.
Here's one of the door frames. I'm told that all the doors don't close anymore.
Another door frame.
And one more for good measure ;)
This is another problem with the roof, I think it's on the back. I don't know.
Here's pile of shingles from my house... These are just the ones that were on the ground on the side :(
Here's the carpet from one of the rooms.
Here's the big ass hole on the side of my house... Yay for the renters putting up a tarp to protect it!
One of our tree/bushes fell over :(
Another spot to fix (obviously on the front of the house).
Here's some branches they collected.
Here's the side yard... you can see the tree/bush (I dunno) that got uprooted.
This actually isn't my fence, it's my neighbors but I thought I'd add it in anyway.
Here's just some debris...

Anyway- I'm off to work, I'll post more later. I'm glad everyone is safe!

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