Thursday, 24 December 2009

Woo, I'm Excited

My Momma leaves today to come see us!!!

She should just be waking up right about now to get ready to go to the airport. She'll fly from Amarillo to Dallas, then from Dallas to Houston. There, one of Nic's best friends (and mine too... he's great) Viktor will pick her up and drive her from Houston Hobby to Houston Intercontinental (across town). She'll then fly from Houston to Amsterdam, and then FINALLY from Amsterdam to Aberdeen!!! I'm so excited. While I feel bad for her for having to do all that plane hopping... I am so thankful that we were able to get the tickets for her to be here! It's such a wonderful Christmas gift to go get your Mom at the airport!!! We'll pick her up on Christmas day at around 3:45 if all goes to plan and the snow doesn't delay the planes any (fingers crossed!)... so I have roughly 28 1/2 hours to wait. I don't know how I'm going to contain my excitement for that long, and I really do pity poor Nicolas when he has to drive me to the airport tomorrow to pick her up... lol. That should be an interesting car ride. Who knew I could be so bouncy at 9 months pregnant!?

I'm off to make lunch for Nic... hopefully that'll distract me until she calls to say she's at the airport getting ready to board her first flight!!! Hooray!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Almost There...

I think my body may be tired of me being so stinking excited all the time. There have been so many things that I've been looking forward to for so long (like the Santa Cruise, which I will tell you all about in a little bit, my Mom coming, the BABY of course, and Christmas). Now that they are all here (or about to be), I'm exhausted!

The Santa Cruise was wonderful, as usual. Nic and I got up and ready and then headed out to go to our friend Ari's work (where we store the presents until it's time to give them out). We stopped by the Shell station to fill up on our way, and ran into Simmie, another of our friends who was participating in the Cruise. :) We decided we were hungry and stopped by a burger van (I didn't get anything... everything they had was beefy. Boo), but Nic and Simmie had these massive breakfast rolls filled with sausage and bacon and eggs. Then we headed to Ari's where the re-packing of the toys and games was underway. Once we were all loaded up again, we headed over to Duthie Park, where we all meet up and decorate our cars for the actual Cruise. It's always fun, as everyone helps each other out and visits a bit before we go.

After the cars were decorated and ready to roll, we all headed off on our way to the hospital. Normally, this is one of the fun parts, as it's awesome to see a convoy of 20+ decorated Subaru's lining the street, but this year our fun was spoiled a little by a cop who was SERIOUSLY lacking in Christmas spirit. He pulled over Duncan and Donald (who by the way was dressed as Santa), tore the tinsel off of Donald's car, and kept Dunc for half an hour (giving him a fine and making up 3 violations to ticket him for... all of which he didn't do!). His poor partner felt bad, and we could tell but there was nothing stopping this guy. We were not happy with Grampian's finest that day! But, we tried to not let it spoil the purpose of the trip or dampen our spirits... we were doing a good thing for some really sick children, and there's nothing that can take that away.

Anyway, we got to the hospital and had a little photo op for the newspaper (I'll post pictures/scan the article when it comes out) and got to visit with some of the kids. There was one little boy (I think his name was Nathan) who was so excited and was picking out what he wanted to play with first the next day... it was too cute. Then there was another little boy who went out to look at the cars and was SO excited when Ari let him sit in and rev his car (although, I think the kid's dad was JUST as excited... he kept going on about all the "rally cars". Lol). This is what it is all about. All of our hard work throughout the year paid off and we were able to give those kids that had to stay in the hospital a brighter Christmastime and cheer them up a bit.

We also were able to present Clic Sargent ( a check for 750 pounds, which was awesome. I'm hoping that next year we'll be able to raise a little more and donate it, as it's such a good cause. They really do take care of kids and families that are affected by Cancer and that really touches me. Having both of my parents go through Cancer was tough, but I can't imagine having my child go through it... and our baby isn't even born yet. The volunteers and workers there really are amazing people and I'm so thankful that we were able to help them to help others this year.

After the presentation of gifts/check at the hospital, we made our way over to the Mill of Mundurno to grab some food, and it was really nice to enjoy a meal with all of our Scoobie friends who mean so much to us. They really are a fun and caring bunch of people and we are so glad we've gotten to know them over the last two years!

I was quick to head home after lunch to nap... and ended up sleeping until 5! Whoops. I needed it though, I was so tired! So, now I'm preparing for Mom to come in 2 days!!! WOO HOO!!! I can't wait! I've given up on my cleaning list for the most part. I've been doing the laundry and dishes but that's about it. I have no energy for the other stuff and she's just going to have to see me for the slob I am! Lol... I'm sure she won't mind too much. I can't wait for Christmas to get here, it's my favorite holiday because everyone is so happy and cheerful around this time of year. PLUS it's been snowing like crazy here! We've easily got 6 inches of snow outside which has made it so beautiful and serene. I really hope it doesn't delay my Mom getting here, but it looks like it's done and the sun is out, so hopefully it won't affect anything. I hope some of it is still here when she gets here so she can see it though, it is so pretty.

Oh, I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday (yesterday) and everything is still looking good. I'm no longer measuring ahead (I was a week ahead for a long time), now I'm right at the size I should be. That's all fine and dandy, I guess maybe we won't be having the baby early. The baby has moved down quite a bit and its head is WAY down, which has been so fun for me and my hips. I'm glad the baby is in the right position though, and am thankful that I'm in the final stages. I can't wait to meet the baby and am excited to see who it is we are having! I'm really glad that it looks like I'll hold out until at least my Mom gets here, that makes me happy. PLUS, I'm considered full term on Sunday, so that is a big worry off my shoulders. I really didn't want the baby to come prematurely, so I'm glad it's sticking in there!

I was going to post pictures, but Nic took the camera to work yesterday morning, and has yet to bring it back home. When he does get home, I'll try to pop back on here and post some of the cruise, the baby belly, and the snow. :)

If I don't though, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a fabulous day celebrating Jesus' Birthday!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Early Morning Craziness...

So I couldn't sleep last night for some reason. I don't know if it was because the room was too warm (we have left the heater on ALL day since it is snowing and if we turn it off it instantly freezes everything in the house...) or if it was my unsatisfied craving for something chocolate or what... but I couldn't sleep. So what did I decide to do at 1:30 in the morning? Finish cleaning the bathroom. Lol. I had to laugh at myself as I sat there with my little broom and antibacterial cleaning agents sweeping and then scrubbing down the floor so late at night... while the whole time I can hear my husband snoring away in the bedroom. It's not that I didn't WANT to go to sleep, I just couldn't force myself to do it. Ah well, at least we have two clean bathrooms now and I can fully check that off my list. Now I'm almost back on target as my list is concerned but I've decided some changes were in order (of course). I decided that I don't need to be cleaning out the fireplace, that's a good job for Nic or someone else to do. I haven't done any of the floors yet (except the bathrooms) but I have a reason for that (or excuse... whatever you want to call it). The living room floor has been put on hold since I want to get underneath the furniture (a LOT of lint gets stuck under there) and since I can't do that by myself, I'm waiting on Nic to help. Since he's been busy at work (read: REALLY BUSY since his new simulator just came in) he hasn't been home really to do that and when he does get home he's exhausted and I haven't had the heart to ask him to do anything else. Anyway, I don't really have an excuse for the kitchen floor... I'm sure I could come up with something if I really wanted to. As for vacuuming... I have NO idea where my vacuum went off to! It might have mysteriously ended up in the garage, that'd be my best guess, but it's not in the house and it's been snowing here so I haven't marched my happy butt out there to look for it. Meh. Everything else on the list up until today's activities are done though :) Score.

On a side note... has anyone else noticed that there are only 29 days left until our baby is due!? WOO HOO!! I cannot wait! Well... I can wait another week or so, I'm ok with that. Then my Mom will be here (she gets here in 6 days!!!!) and the baby will be full term. So, one more week kiddo, then you can feel free to come at any time! I got excited yesterday and went and bought two little coming home outfits for the baby (one a cute little dress and one a little blue jumpsuit) to come home from the midwife center in :) I've pulled them out like a dozen times to look at them again, they are so stinking cute (and little!). I can't wait to see which one we'll use! I've also written another letter to the baby for its baby book. I think it is really starting to get squished in my tummy, it keeps moving from the left side to the right side today, like it cant decide which side is more comfortable. Each time he/she does it, my organs get pushed around a little bit which isn't overly pleasant, but that's ok.

Anyway- I'm off to figure out what is for lunch... I'm STARVING today. I actually woke up at 7 (mind you... after going to bed at 3:45) because I HAD to have a bowl of cereal. My stomach has been growling again for like the last hour or so which actually woke up the baby once... so I guess I should eat again.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Gene Pool

I've been trying to get motivated to finish my cleaning from yesterday (yeah I know... I'm already behind and haven't even had my list of instructions for more than 24 hours!) which led me to wonder about our baby.... which genes/traits it will inherit and which ones it will do without. See... my Mom and my sister both got the "clean gene" from my Grandmother. They keep their houses spotless (even Raime's house is always clean with three kids!) and actually enjoy cleaning. When Raime is stressed, she often pulls out the Kirby and goes to town, vacuuming her worries away. Mom has a habit of cleaning when she's stressed too... I guess it's a common thing. My Grandmother LOVES to clean. She's one of those women who will climb on a chair to clean the tops of the ceiling fans (or take it down completely to wash all the parts in warm water/cleaning solvent) on a weekly basis. She moves the furniture to vacuum underneath it. She's such a neat freak (in a good way) that when she had her carpet replaced recently, after having it for 35 years, the carpet guy actually said that was the first house he'd ever replaced the carpet for that the mat underneath was still clean. The only reason it needed replacing was to update the house... not because it was worn out or stained.

Anyway- I apparently have missed out on this "clean gene", unfortunately. I have also missed out on the green thumb (which again... my mom and sister both have). I did pick up my Mom's organizational skills, and list making abilities. I also am obsessed with balancing my checkbook (or at least looking at my online banking for all of our accounts) and when I am stressed I tend to make lists of where our money will be going for the next 6 months to a year (there's something about knowing how you are going to have to move money around to pay bills that makes me feel better... even when it's a challenge and you don't know exactly how you are going to pay for something, figuring out how much you are going to have to come up with and being prepared for it helps me de-stress). I got my love of media (movies/tv/video games) from my Dad. I also got his talkativeness and genuine interest in other people's lives/stories. I am also a bit of a packrat, I owe that one to dear old Dad too... It's easy to see that Nic got his ingenuity and knack for Engineering from his Dad and maternal Grandfather. I think he picked up his love of cars from his Uncle Paul, and his packrat side comes from his father too.

I'm really interested to see what traits our little bug will have. I wonder if he/she will stand with their hands on their hips a lot like I do (and my Dad did), or whether they'll unconsciously lick their lips when they are thinking really hard like Nic does. I wonder if they'll be a daredevil like their Dad or whether they'll have to think everything through like I do. I wonder if they'll be talkative or quiet (I'm kind of hoping for a mix there). I wonder if they'll be right or left brain dominant. I wonder if they'll be super smart and have the mind of an Engineer like Nic or whether they'll be more creative/emotional like me.

On top of all that... I wonder what baby bug is going to look like! Will he/she have Nic's pretty olive skin, or my pale complexion? Will they have hair when they are born- and if they do will it be really blonde like mine was or black like Nic's? Will they have his eye shape or mine? Will it be tall or inherit my short genes? Will it be a rolly polly baby like I was and have chubby cheeks or will it be thin like Nic was?

There are so many unknowns and the closer it gets to being time for us to meet our little one, the more excited/anxious I get! Today is the 17th of December and my due date is the 17th of January... only one more calendar month to go! Then the waiting will be over and we'll be able to meet our new family member that I love so much already!

Nic and I are so excited about it (as is most of our family...) and have conversations about it every day. It's pretty cute, whenever the baby REALLY moves around in there, Nic says that Bug is "trying to find a way out". Lol. Sometimes I think he's right, but I sure hope the baby figures out that it is not coming out through my ribcage or my bladder... that'd be nice.

I think the question about genes really boils down to one big one for us... Will it have the XX or XY gene?! I asked Nic if he still is glad that we didn't find out and I got a resounding NO! Lol. I still am enjoying the suspense and am looking forward to the moment Nic gets to tell me what our baby's sex is, but I think Nic is just tired of waiting. Ah well... we'll find out soon enough!

I really need to clean. The living room is ALMOST done, all I need to do is dust (I hate dusting) and pick up a few things that were brought back out last night. I'm crossing off cleaning out the fireplace though, I've decided that I don't need to do that and that it can wait for Mom. Lol. Then I need to start on the kitchen, although to be fair, I started on that a little yesterday (instead of dusting... I'm bad). Wish me luck... I sure hope the baby has some cleaning genes, we could use them in this house!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Yes, I know our baby is due in 33 days... and I know there is a chance that he or she could decide to grace us with their presence early. However, I do not have the nesting bug yet. My house is a disaster zone and I have no desire whatsoever to clean it. I would much rather take a nap or wrap Christmas presents (little ones... I couldn't have Nic and Mom not have ANYTHING to open on Christmas) or look up stuff about what the baby is doing in there. I would rather talk to people on the phone, watch tv, or mod podge the letters for the wall in the nursery. I would rather look at craft ideas for stuff Mom and I could make while she's here. Pretty much, I'd rather do anything else BUT clean right now.

Every now and then I'll get an urge to clean (like this morning at 3:30 after one of my MANY pee breaks in the night) but the timing is always wrong... it's either too early/late or right before lunch/dinner time, or right when we are about to go somewhere. How frustrating.

So, I've put it off and put it off and become the queen of procrastination. This REALLY needs to stop, seeing as how I have all of 9 days before my Momma gets here. 9 days. I am so very excited for her to get here, but I'm terrified that my house will look the same as it does now when she gets here! So, here is my plan. I'm going to make a list of what I would like to get done each day and hopefully, I'll stick with it. Wish me luck.

Today (Wednesday the 16th)- Clean the living room. This includes: picking up everything that doesn't belong in the living room and putting it away, sweeping and cleaning the hardwood floors, dusting the fireplace and tv unit, cleaning the large window (inside only, it's raining), clean out the fireplace. Also- do two loads of laundry and the dishes in the sink (there isn't enough for a load in the dishwasher...). Vacuum the carpeted areas (all bedrooms and hallways).

Tomorrow (Thursday the 17th)- Thoroughly clean the kitchen. This includes: sanitizing all the countertops, the table, and backsplash. Clean out the fridges (they need to be wiped down inside). Clean the windows and windowsills, including the front entry way. Sweep and mop the floor. Clear off the kitchen table and put all craft projects away (we don't eat in there, so it is more like my craft table than anything else... since Nic has claimed the dining table for his projects). Put everything on the countertops that doesn't need to be on the countertops away. Do a load of laundry. Keep the dishes done.

Friday, the 18th- Clean the bathrooms. This includes: Cleaning the toilets, washing down the shower (I just cleaned that not too long ago), cleaning the bathtub, washing the window in the large bathroom, cleaning off the mirror in the little one, sweeping and mopping the floors, reorganizing the basket in the little bathroom, putting all the clean towels away into the bathrooms they belong in (instead of putting them all in the one with the shower). Do a load of laundry. Keep the dishes done.

Saturday & Sunday- Keep stuff picked up, keep the dishes done, do a load of laundry. Wash the Subaru for the Santa Cruz on Sunday (in and out). Unload the Hilux (it still has stuff in it from our last trip in the back) and vacuum it out.

Monday, the 21st- Wash all sheets/blankets in the house again. Work on organizing Nic's table and clearing off at least half of it to eat on for when Mom gets here. Keep dishes done.

Tuesday, the 22nd- Work on Nic's table again (I have a feeling it will be a multi-day task). Once that is completed, start working on the study (organizing and putting away Nic's stuff and my paperwork). Make enough room for the air matresses for when Cris and Tony come. Clear off the desk. Reorganize the wardrobe and closet. Do a load of laundry, keep the dishes done.

Wednesday, the 23rd- Work on the study again. Do a load of laundry, keep the dishes done. Wash the couch covers.

Thursday, the 24th- Do a quick pick up of anything that is still out, sweep the floors, wipe down the countertops in the kitchen. Finish washing the couch covers. Dust the bedrooms, vacuum the floors again. Do a load of laundry, keep the dishes done.

Friday, the 25th- Enjoy the day with Nic and Mom! Woo hoo!

I think that's doable. Here's hoping I can stick to it!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

I Love Holidays :)

I'm having a good day today. I got up to have cereal with Nic this morning and haven't crashed yet... so maybe I'll have some energy today! I think part of it is that I'm super excited now about the holidays.

I was somewhat missing my Christmas spirit earlier this month (I think I wrote a post about it... I dunno) but now it's back! While we still aren't really decorating for Christmas or doing anything Christmas like in particular other than dinner, I'm still excited to get to spend the holidays with some of the people I love most!

My mom gets here Christmas day which has me really excited. I also found out today that Nic gets both the 25th and the 28th off for Christmas, so we'll get to spend 4 whole days with him! That completely made my day! THEN, what's even more awesome, is that he will go back to work for the 29th, 30th, and 31st... and then he has the 1st and 4th off! ANOTHER 4 day weekend! SCORE! Can you tell I'm excited?! Hooray for Holidays!

So, as usual... here's the TENTATIVE plans (and I really mean it this time since we don't know when baby bug will get here) for the next month or so...

December 10th- Nic goes to London :(
December 11th- Nic comes home from London :) and Jen has breastfeeding class.
December 12th- Aberdeen Scoobies Santa Cruise Shopping Trip & hopefully Nic gets a haircut.
December 18th- Nic's simulator is delivered, and he goes to his office Christmas Party
December 20th- Santa Cruise :)
December 22nd- Midwife appointment at 12:15
December 24th- Christmas Eve & Mom starts her journey over!!!
December 25th- Christmas! Cris' Birthday! Mom gets here! Nic has the day off! WOO HOO!
December 26th- Boxing Day!
December 28th- Nic has the day off and I'm considered FULL TERM! YAY!
December 29th- Appointments
December 31st- New Years Eve- go see the fire balls in Stonehaven :)
January 1st- New Years! Nic has the day off!
January 4th- Nic has the day off! Bob should get back to Aberdeen!
January 5th- Midwife appointment
January 7th- Nic has physiotherapy for his knees.
January 8th- Our 5th Wedding Anniversary! WOO HOO!
January 9th- Edith's Birthday!
January 16th- Cris and Tony get here!
January 17th- OUR BABY IS DUE!!! (Fugro's office party- we won't be going...)
January 20th- 3 year anniversary of my Dad's passing :(
January 26th- Nic's Birthday!!
January 30th- Cris and Tony go home

Whew... Somewhere in there we've got to get this house in shape! Maybe I spoke too soon about not needing a nap ;)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nap Time!

It doesn't matter what time of day it is... whether it is 7 am or 3:30 in the afternoon. It's always nap time. I have NO energy whatsoever. It's like my body has decided that it wants to relive the memories of the first trimester. Seeing as how I love naps, you think I'd be ok with this trip down memory lane... but I actually have the desire to get stuff done before the baby gets here. I want to have a clean, organized house and I would love to have everything decorated and nicely stored away. I would like to read another book, or maybe exercise more often. However, I don't even have to move a muscle in order to wear myself out. I actually wake up sleepy.

People keep telling me that I'll get an energy burst before the baby is born so that I can get some last minute stuff in... I sure hope so! There's a ton that has built up while I've been sleeping!

What is great is that my Momma is coming to help me! Woo hoo! I feel bad for leaving so much for her to do and for letting her see my house this way (I don't like to let anyone see my house even slightly messy... it really pushes me over the edge!) but I honestly don't have the energy to do anything about it. She's coming on Christmas Day (YAY!) and is staying until the middle of March! I'm so pleased with that, it is going to be so nice to have her around to help with the baby/house. Now I just have to convince this baby to stay in there until after we're ready.

We had our 34 week midwife appointment yesterday and everything still looks great. I'm still measuring a week ahead, but other than that, everything is on target. The heartbeat was good, the baby is still moving around well, and the baby is growing like a weed. He/she still is in the correct position (head down) and has moved down a little bit. This is fine, it just means the baby is getting ready to make an entrance sometime in the future and that it is able to headbutt my pelvic bone whenever I move into a position it doesn't like. I will say that I am so very glad that my baby is hanging in there, growing and getting stronger by the minute. I will also say that sometimes I think the baby does things JUST to cause me pain... it even follows up those activities by sticking its little booty out at me (usually followed by a punch in the bladder). I've apologized for not providing enough entertainment (what... you wanted cable in there?! sorry!), for running short on space, and for serving the baby something that isn't on its "favorites" menu. I really feel the punishment that I receive is a little extreme sometimes though.

Nic actually laughed at me today because I had asked him to hand me my sudoku book and when he did the pencil fell out. I tried to bend over to pick it up and when it was out of reach, I just gave up and started looking for something else to do. He thinks it is kind of funny that everything is so hard for me now... what is funny about that, I don't know. I honestly plan on renting him one of the pregnancy suits one day and making him wear it for a week or so. We'll see who is laughing then!

Wow, I sound mean. I don't mean to. I really do enjoy being pregnant... it is such an amazing process and I love the little kicks and hiccups. I love having the baby all to myself and watching it roll and move around. I'm just really looking forward to meeting the baby and getting my body back.