Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Almost There...

I think my body may be tired of me being so stinking excited all the time. There have been so many things that I've been looking forward to for so long (like the Santa Cruise, which I will tell you all about in a little bit, my Mom coming, the BABY of course, and Christmas). Now that they are all here (or about to be), I'm exhausted!

The Santa Cruise was wonderful, as usual. Nic and I got up and ready and then headed out to go to our friend Ari's work (where we store the presents until it's time to give them out). We stopped by the Shell station to fill up on our way, and ran into Simmie, another of our friends who was participating in the Cruise. :) We decided we were hungry and stopped by a burger van (I didn't get anything... everything they had was beefy. Boo), but Nic and Simmie had these massive breakfast rolls filled with sausage and bacon and eggs. Then we headed to Ari's where the re-packing of the toys and games was underway. Once we were all loaded up again, we headed over to Duthie Park, where we all meet up and decorate our cars for the actual Cruise. It's always fun, as everyone helps each other out and visits a bit before we go.

After the cars were decorated and ready to roll, we all headed off on our way to the hospital. Normally, this is one of the fun parts, as it's awesome to see a convoy of 20+ decorated Subaru's lining the street, but this year our fun was spoiled a little by a cop who was SERIOUSLY lacking in Christmas spirit. He pulled over Duncan and Donald (who by the way was dressed as Santa), tore the tinsel off of Donald's car, and kept Dunc for half an hour (giving him a fine and making up 3 violations to ticket him for... all of which he didn't do!). His poor partner felt bad, and we could tell but there was nothing stopping this guy. We were not happy with Grampian's finest that day! But, we tried to not let it spoil the purpose of the trip or dampen our spirits... we were doing a good thing for some really sick children, and there's nothing that can take that away.

Anyway, we got to the hospital and had a little photo op for the newspaper (I'll post pictures/scan the article when it comes out) and got to visit with some of the kids. There was one little boy (I think his name was Nathan) who was so excited and was picking out what he wanted to play with first the next day... it was too cute. Then there was another little boy who went out to look at the cars and was SO excited when Ari let him sit in and rev his car (although, I think the kid's dad was JUST as excited... he kept going on about all the "rally cars". Lol). This is what it is all about. All of our hard work throughout the year paid off and we were able to give those kids that had to stay in the hospital a brighter Christmastime and cheer them up a bit.

We also were able to present Clic Sargent ( a check for 750 pounds, which was awesome. I'm hoping that next year we'll be able to raise a little more and donate it, as it's such a good cause. They really do take care of kids and families that are affected by Cancer and that really touches me. Having both of my parents go through Cancer was tough, but I can't imagine having my child go through it... and our baby isn't even born yet. The volunteers and workers there really are amazing people and I'm so thankful that we were able to help them to help others this year.

After the presentation of gifts/check at the hospital, we made our way over to the Mill of Mundurno to grab some food, and it was really nice to enjoy a meal with all of our Scoobie friends who mean so much to us. They really are a fun and caring bunch of people and we are so glad we've gotten to know them over the last two years!

I was quick to head home after lunch to nap... and ended up sleeping until 5! Whoops. I needed it though, I was so tired! So, now I'm preparing for Mom to come in 2 days!!! WOO HOO!!! I can't wait! I've given up on my cleaning list for the most part. I've been doing the laundry and dishes but that's about it. I have no energy for the other stuff and she's just going to have to see me for the slob I am! Lol... I'm sure she won't mind too much. I can't wait for Christmas to get here, it's my favorite holiday because everyone is so happy and cheerful around this time of year. PLUS it's been snowing like crazy here! We've easily got 6 inches of snow outside which has made it so beautiful and serene. I really hope it doesn't delay my Mom getting here, but it looks like it's done and the sun is out, so hopefully it won't affect anything. I hope some of it is still here when she gets here so she can see it though, it is so pretty.

Oh, I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday (yesterday) and everything is still looking good. I'm no longer measuring ahead (I was a week ahead for a long time), now I'm right at the size I should be. That's all fine and dandy, I guess maybe we won't be having the baby early. The baby has moved down quite a bit and its head is WAY down, which has been so fun for me and my hips. I'm glad the baby is in the right position though, and am thankful that I'm in the final stages. I can't wait to meet the baby and am excited to see who it is we are having! I'm really glad that it looks like I'll hold out until at least my Mom gets here, that makes me happy. PLUS, I'm considered full term on Sunday, so that is a big worry off my shoulders. I really didn't want the baby to come prematurely, so I'm glad it's sticking in there!

I was going to post pictures, but Nic took the camera to work yesterday morning, and has yet to bring it back home. When he does get home, I'll try to pop back on here and post some of the cruise, the baby belly, and the snow. :)

If I don't though, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a fabulous day celebrating Jesus' Birthday!

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