Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nap Time!

It doesn't matter what time of day it is... whether it is 7 am or 3:30 in the afternoon. It's always nap time. I have NO energy whatsoever. It's like my body has decided that it wants to relive the memories of the first trimester. Seeing as how I love naps, you think I'd be ok with this trip down memory lane... but I actually have the desire to get stuff done before the baby gets here. I want to have a clean, organized house and I would love to have everything decorated and nicely stored away. I would like to read another book, or maybe exercise more often. However, I don't even have to move a muscle in order to wear myself out. I actually wake up sleepy.

People keep telling me that I'll get an energy burst before the baby is born so that I can get some last minute stuff in... I sure hope so! There's a ton that has built up while I've been sleeping!

What is great is that my Momma is coming to help me! Woo hoo! I feel bad for leaving so much for her to do and for letting her see my house this way (I don't like to let anyone see my house even slightly messy... it really pushes me over the edge!) but I honestly don't have the energy to do anything about it. She's coming on Christmas Day (YAY!) and is staying until the middle of March! I'm so pleased with that, it is going to be so nice to have her around to help with the baby/house. Now I just have to convince this baby to stay in there until after we're ready.

We had our 34 week midwife appointment yesterday and everything still looks great. I'm still measuring a week ahead, but other than that, everything is on target. The heartbeat was good, the baby is still moving around well, and the baby is growing like a weed. He/she still is in the correct position (head down) and has moved down a little bit. This is fine, it just means the baby is getting ready to make an entrance sometime in the future and that it is able to headbutt my pelvic bone whenever I move into a position it doesn't like. I will say that I am so very glad that my baby is hanging in there, growing and getting stronger by the minute. I will also say that sometimes I think the baby does things JUST to cause me pain... it even follows up those activities by sticking its little booty out at me (usually followed by a punch in the bladder). I've apologized for not providing enough entertainment (what... you wanted cable in there?! sorry!), for running short on space, and for serving the baby something that isn't on its "favorites" menu. I really feel the punishment that I receive is a little extreme sometimes though.

Nic actually laughed at me today because I had asked him to hand me my sudoku book and when he did the pencil fell out. I tried to bend over to pick it up and when it was out of reach, I just gave up and started looking for something else to do. He thinks it is kind of funny that everything is so hard for me now... what is funny about that, I don't know. I honestly plan on renting him one of the pregnancy suits one day and making him wear it for a week or so. We'll see who is laughing then!

Wow, I sound mean. I don't mean to. I really do enjoy being pregnant... it is such an amazing process and I love the little kicks and hiccups. I love having the baby all to myself and watching it roll and move around. I'm just really looking forward to meeting the baby and getting my body back.

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