Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dropping Babies

I think maybe the baby has dropped in the past day or so... I can certainly breathe a lot easier and the baby seems a lot lower than it has been in the past few months or so. I'm not positive, as it could just be positioned differently (the baby has been head down for the last two months or so, but this morning I was feeling kicks on my side, so maybe it's just turned sideways?). I've never done this before, so who knows.

I'm so excited about the baby though and it's getting more and more difficult to contain myself about it. A few friends have had their babies recently (that were due about the same time as me) and I can't help but think that that's what my baby looks like inside me. Then it dawns on me... HOLY cow, there's a real baby in there. Not a pretend one that I've always dreamed of, a REAL one. A big real one. The baby is supposed to be 16.7 inches long and 3.75 pounds right about now (according to Babycenter). That's pretty big.

We went out with some of Nic's work buddies on Saturday for some pub golf (I didn't participate obviously) and everyone seemed to have a different opinion about the baby. I think more people thought it would be a boy than a girl, but we'll see. One of the guys said that he was really good at guessing when babies would be born and he thought I'd have it around Christmas. You know, I've always been fairly sure that I'd carry full term (not sure why...) but this whole having the baby early way of thinking has me a little concerned. What if I DO have the baby early? Two days after Christmas I'll be 37 weeks, which is considered to be full term. That's when the baby's lungs should be fully developed and it begins to really focus just on gaining weight etc. I would be ok with that I guess, although I'd prefer to have the baby stay the full 40 weeks, just for good measure. So, then I began to think about how soon that is... I'll be 37 weeks in just 4 1/2 more weeks! My baby's lungs will be ready in 4 1/2 weeks. How crazy is that?! This whole pregnancy has flown by. Sometimes it seemed like it would never be over, but looking back, holy cow, it's been a super fast 8 months. I only have 7 1/2 weeks until my due date! Wow!

I feel ready to have this baby. The only thing that has me unsettled is that my house isn't as clean as I'd like it to be. I do pick up, I do the laundry and the dishes, etc... but it just doesn't feel CLEAN like my Mom's house does. I know this has to do with my disliking of dusting (I'll admit, I don't do it as often as I should) or the fact that my floors are lint/dirt magnates. That, and it feels cluttered to me. We have a lot of stuff... and I keep looking around thinking about how in 6 or 7 months we're going to have our hands full trying to keep the baby out of everything! That leads me to my next thought... as much as I love wood flooring, I don't think it's the most baby friendly flooring in the world. It makes me miss our old house, simply because it had nice new squishy carpet.

To be honest, I miss the U.S. in general. I've been really homesick lately. I'm not sure if it's just because the option of flying home is now out of the question (I'm too far along according to the airlines) or if it's my huge desire to be closer to friends and family or what... but I do miss home. I know Nic does too. We talk about going home quite often. We ask each other what we miss the most and what we think we'll miss about living here when we do decide to go back. We have this sort of conversation probably once a week or so.

Nic is being so cute lately. He rubs my belly as he's going to sleep and has been asking loads of questions about how we are going to parent (ie: "How close do you think is too close to the TV?", "What age are you going to let our kid play Halo with us?", "Do you think we should ship over my old tricycle?", "Are you singing to the baby during the day? Make sure you diversify... I want it to know more than just Ani songs" lol...). I love it. The other day, he even offered to eat more veggies so that I wasn't the only one eating them at dinner time (for those of you who don't really know Nic that well...he only likes three vegetables really- Okra (fried), potatoes, and corn). He asks me on a daily basis whether or not I'm drinking enough water, and if I've taken my vitamins. It's rather cute and I love seeing this side of him. Oh, did I mention, he's already started in asking for parts for the mini robot that would match his? Yeah. I told him we could wait on that one! Lol.

Anyway, I'm off to take a cat nap before I do my afternoon clean up of the house!

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