Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Busy Body

Well... Life has officially started to become busier here in the Alvarado household. It's amazing how much stuff we are trying to pack in to such a short amount of time. Somehow, I think we'll make it work and get everything done. I've been proud of myself this week, I've managed to keep afloat regardless of all the stuff that's been happening. We've had quite a bit of emotional turmoil this past couple of weeks (not Nic and I, just other stuff that I don't think is blog material) and somehow we've managed to keep the house picked up, get the septic tank emptied, go to the midwife, and spend some quality time together. I'm proud of the teamwork that my hubby and I have going on... I'm proud of us in general. I have to take a second and be a sappy pregnant woman- I adore my husband. Even though he's super messy and has the attention span of a 5 year old most of the time, he makes me incredibly happy. He knows just the right things to say most of the time and can make me laugh when I feel like my world is falling apart. He is my absolute favorite person and I am so thankful to share every day with him. I swoon. Ok, enough of that.

My midwife appointment went rather well last week. I am measuring a week ahead (I was measuring 29 weeks at 28) but that's normal, or so I'm told. Maureen (my midwife) said that anything within a two week period is normal, as babies have growth spurts and most of the time it will even out. Even if the baby is a week ahead, that's perfectly fine, as I'd rather be ahead of the game as far as development is concerned than behind. The heartbeat sounded good as well. However... my blood results came back and my sugar was a little high (normal is a 7, mine was a 7.8- Not THAT bad...). Anything above normal requires extra testing, which means I'm heading to the hospital tomorrow for a three hour glucose test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. I'm pretty sure I don't and that the spike in my blood sugars from last week was due to the fact that I had forgotten to pee in my little cup before the appointment (I had already gone twice that morning!) so I panicked and downed 16 oz of orange juice before I left for the appointment hoping that it would help me find the urge to go (nope... I did REALLY need to go afterwards though lol). Orange juice has a lot of sugar in it and I know my body didn't have time to break down the sugars before she drew my blood. At least that's what I'm hoping.

I'm not really looking forward to the test though... it requires me to spend 3 hours in the hospital without food. In fact, I have to fast from midnight tonight and won't get anything to eat until nearly noon tomorrow... that doesn't bode well for me since the longest I could hold out today without feeling famished was 9:30 this morning. I've bought myself a Jodi Piccoult book to pass the time quickly hopefully, and will be bringing my ipod and sudoku book as well. I'm hungry just thinking about the test though. Oh, did I mention- I also have to drink this super sugar drink while I'm there? I've heard horror stories about that drink and was happy thinking that I was going to get to avoid it last week. Oh well. At least I don't have a phobia or disliking of needles necessarily, so the 4 vials of blood they'll draw won't be a problem. Nic isn't going with me this time... I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to sit for 3 hours if I didn't have to and his slight phobia of needles would make the whole process really uncomfy for him I'm sure. He stands on the opposite side of the room when I get my blood drawn for the midwife appointments (and she only takes one or two!).

Anyways... we start going to our labor classes next week. I'm kind of excited about them but at the same time, I wish we could get them all over with at once instead of in installments... it seems like a waste of time sort of to have them spread out like that.

Here's our tentative schedule for the upcoming classes/events:

~Nov 7th- My sister's birthday! (Happy Birthday Raime!)
~Nov 10th- Coping with Labor class
~Nov 14th- Nic's sister's birthday! (Happy Birthday Karin!) and Laura's Virgin Vie ( like Mary Kay) party
~Nov 17th- Midwife Appointment and then Coping with Labor (part 2) class
~Nov 20th- Aberdeen Scoobies Quiz Night (my event!)
~Nov 21st- Fugro Pub Golf Night
~Nov 29th- My birthday!
~Dec 1st- Preparing for Labor class
~Dec 8th- Midwife Appointment
~Dec 11th- Breastfeeding class
~Dec 17th- Coping Strategies for Labor
~Dec 22nd- Midwife Appointment
~Dec 25th- Christmas! Nic's mom's birthday! (Happy birthday Cris!)
~Jan 1st- New Years!
~Jan 5th- Midwife Appointment
~Jan 8th- Our 5th Wedding Anniversary (I love you honey!)
~Jan 17th- Our Baby is DUE!!!
~Jan 26th- Nic's birthday! (Happy birthday honey!)

Between now and Nic's birthday, there is a lot going on... but there is also a lot of little things to do to get ready for the baby! I still need to get my Mom's flights sorted out, get a few last minute things for the baby (like a changing table that fits on top of the crib for example), finish planning the rest of the quiz night, do some stuff for Deeptrek, get Nic's diving certification sorted, as well as some other odds and ends. It's going to be a busy time but I'm so very excited for the outcome!

I can't wait to hold our baby!

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