Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Why do I have a Christmas carol stuck in my head? Why do I keep dreaming about Christmas time and decorations? Why am I panicking about the possible Royal Mail strike (and therefore the possible delay of my Christmas cards arrival to their final destinations)? What is my obsession with Christmas this year?!

Is it perhaps that we aren't really planning on celebrating as usual this year? Who knows. All I know is that on Christmas day, I will be nearly 37 weeks pregnant and probably in no mood to decorate anything unless it is my baby's nursery. Nic and I had decided that we would forgo the hubbub this year to save money, time and effort since it will be just he and I here anyway. That seems sensible. However... I still have a little guilt that we won't even have a tree or anything up. I have a little Scottish Santa that resides on my fireplace (yes... year round. He's cute.) but that will be about it as far as decorations go. I am quite aware that it won't really feel like Christmas. Especially without all the usual yummy Christmas foods. I'm not sure what we'll have that day, but I doubt it will be the feast that everyone thinks of. Will I even want to eat a big meal then? I barely have room for food now, I can't imagine how squished my stomach will be in 9 more weeks (Holy cow! Is it really that soon?!).

I'm thinking, maybe Nick and I should do something that will focus on us this year, since this is our last Christmas as just us. I just don't know what that may entail. On top of that... I need to think of something for our 5th Wedding Anniversary (the 8th of January). I will be 38 1/2 weeks then... oh how fun. I don't see us doing anything wild and crazy, that's for sure. The traditional gift for the 5th anniversary is wood. I wonder if the crib counts. LOL.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to get in the festive spirit when you are really pregnant? I'm all out of ideas.

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Katharine said...

It's all about the Christmas Carols. Start listening to them now and by the time Christmas is here you might actually feel like it is Christmas! They always get me in the mood for the holidays. :)

Love you both and can't wait to see more pics of the new little bundle coming along!