Friday, 16 October 2009

What's in a Name?

I'm a planner. I've always been a planner. I'm pretty sure that I'll always be a planner. Because of this, Nic and I picked out names for our kids (one boy name and one girl name) YEARS ago. I mean, we had them picked out when we were engaged to be married. Some people think this is a little odd, but it's always been a little comforting for me. We've been happy with our choices, and still are, and didn't really question the fact that we would name our child one of our pre-chosen names.

Until now.

The only name that is up for debate is the name we had picked out for a girl. What is strange I guess is that neither of us are unhappy with the original choice. In fact, if our baby is a girl and the next child we have is also a girl, we are planning on using both of the names we have selected. The dilemma I guess, is which name to use first. We've kind of decided to wait until the delivery day, and IF it is a girl, see which name seems to suit her more.

I'm still getting used to the idea of not fully having everything planned out... as there are a lot of things still unknown in the birth of our child. I have a birth plan (of course...) to have the baby naturally and I am really hoping for a water birth. However, there is only one pool available and if some other lucky Momma is in it, it's not an option for me. So, the question is... what happens then? I still plan on having the baby naturally but I do have to admit, it does make me a little anxious since the water is supposed to be my pain reliever of sorts. I'm sure it'll be fine either way, billions of women have done it before me and will do it after me.

Then there's the plan of when the grandparents will get here... Cris and Tony are thinking about coming from the 20th to the 30th and I think Mom is going to be here from the 10th to the 31st. My only concern I guess is that what if the baby is earlier than that? While it would be nice to have some alone time with just our little family, I really want my Momma to be here to help out, I know we'll probably need it!

Today I was looking through one of the pregnancy boards that I read and some of the ladies were posting pictures of what outfits they had picked out for their babies to wear home from the hospital. I have no clue what our baby will be wearing yet. It's not because I don't want to pick something out, or haven't thought about it... it's simply that I don't know which color the outfit should be. I'm happy about the surprise, don't get me wrong... I really think that will help me out in the end (especially if someone is in my pool!) and am really looking forward to hearing my husband announce what the sex of the baby is. However, the planner inside me is screaming bloody murder because I can't plan what outfit our child will be wearing home. YES, the baby could wear something that it has in its closet (the baby already has a healthy selection of clothes), but it won't be sex specific and I'm not sure if that's ok (the planner inside me says no).

Another thing is the art in the baby's room. I plan on putting our baby's name on the wall above the crib (or at least their initials), but I can't do that until afterwards. We don't even know which name we are using, how would we know what letters to put up?! Can you tell I'm a little anxious for the arrival of our little one? I just can't wait to see who is in there, and what they look like, and be able to share that with the ones I love. I'm so excited about this child, and I am just becoming a little impatient.

On the opposite side of the table... I would like my baby to stay inside for as long as it needs to. I want to ensure that everything possible is done to make sure we have a happy healthy little one and that it is "fully cooked". I'm pleased to say that our baby is viable now, and that if I were to go into labor it would most likely survive (it's something like 90% viability at 27 weeks), but I wouldn't want my baby to have to struggle to breathe or have to stay in the NICU for any period of time. I'm really hoping to walk out of the hospital the same day with my baby. Actually, if all goes as planned (meaning, I have the baby naturally, without drugs and any problems) we'll hopefully leave the hospital a mere 3-4 hours afterward. I would LOVE that! I think we'll be much more comfortable at home and that I'd be able to rest easier that way.

Ok. I'm off to take a quick nap before I head off to the grocery store. We are going to dinner tonight with Bob and Roger, as well as a couple VP's of a company that we are hoping to get some equipment from. Tomorrow we are all heading to the west coast of Scotland to do a little survey work and then we'll hopefully be back tomorrow night... if not, Sunday.

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Elanor said...

I really wouldn't worry about the tub. I thought the tub was GREAT but early in the labor (mostly when I was at home) not so much for the delivery. I'd thought a lot about the possibility of a water birth but when it came down to it I needed to be standing up, and Andrew giving me a lower back massage helped a lot more with the pain than the tub did. And standing up helps things progress faster because you have gravity on your side. I didn't lie down till I was pushing. I'm sure you'll get a lot of info like that in your classes. And when the time comes you'll find out what works best for you and your little one. And don't worry about their being a lot of classes, there is A LOT of info, and if you tried to get it all at once it would be super overwhelming. I'm so excited for you Jenny. You are going to do such a wonderful job! I once saw a t-shirt on a new mom that said "I make human beings, what's your super power?" And it's true, becoming a momma totally makes you a super hero :-)