Thursday, 1 October 2009

Num Num Num!

I'm an eating machine lately. I want to eat EVERYTHING (except cow of course... I haven't quite lost my disliking for red meat). I especially want to eat apples, cheese and crackers. Together. MMM.... so good. To be honest, I just finished off a plate of that exact thing. Two apples, 10 cheese slices, and 10 crackers later I'm one happy camper.

This, however, has lead me to gain a little weight... so now my weight gain for the pregnancy is up to 12 pounds so far (I'm at week 24)... so while I'm not doing too bad I do need to curb it a bit I think. This concern only comes from the fact that I only had gained a whopping 3 pounds or so up until a month ago. Yes. I have gained 9-10 pounds in the last month. No, I don't plan to continue at that rate. At least I hope not. The baby, however, would like me to gain 10 pounds a week I think. Baby bug is a hungry hungry hippo that wants me to eat ALL THE TIME... but in semi-small quantities. If I eat too much I do get massive objections from my little karate star in there. Usually this means I'm being kicked repetitively in the bladder, or punched in the stomach... whichever it prefers that day.

I'm more and more entertained by this little person growing inside me... I think he/she has got quite the sense of humor already and I'm starting to love its little personality. The baby will play games with me now, as in- when I poke my belly it will kick back. It isn't afraid to show when it is displeased with something (like the fact that I'm trying to bend over and inadvertently squishing it or when the midwife is poking it with the fetal doppler to find its heartbeat) by kicking the crap out of whatever is pushing on it. The baby also likes to play a game where whenever someone else tries to feel it move (like Daddy for example), it will immediately stop moving until they move their hand away. This game that the baby plays is a little frustrating, but at the same time kind of funny. It's like the baby is listening in to our conversations and can hear when I say "ooh, I think you'll be able to feel it... put your hand here". It's like a game of freeze tag. The other day I was giving it love pats (a tradition in my family... we're rockers and patters) and every time I'd stop the baby would kick like crazy until I started again... then would be still until I stopped again. It was too cute.

I can't wait to meet our little baby and really get to know him or her. I'm so excited!

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