Monday, 12 October 2009

Cribs, Bedding and Bellies... Oh my!

Here's a picture of our baby's crib for your viewing pleasure. I love it and can't wait to see our little one in it! I love the height, simply because you don't need to drop the side down to get the baby in/out easily which definitely helps when they are sound asleep. This picture was taken before we moved some furniture around, so ignore the chairs and such around it :)

And here is a picture of the bedding set that we are getting... it's being shipped to my Mom's house, so it'll be a little while (like right before the baby comes) before it gets here. It comes with the three wall hangings, the curtains, the mobile, blanket, crib sheets, diaper holder and dust ruffle. I am going to add some teal colored accessories to the room (including the brown and teal blanket that my Momma is crocheting!). So exciting!
Wow, I'm getting big! This is me at 26 weeks... I have no idea how big I'm going to get in the next 14 weeks, but if my growth so far is any indication I'm guessing HUGE! I might just get to the point where I'm wider than I am tall...

I ordered my glider and car seat today and am super excited to get those... hopefully they'll come this week sometime! I can't wait! Once they get here, I'll take a picture of the glider/stool and the stroller/car seat. I am really starting to feel prepared and can't wait for the baby to get here (at the full 40 weeks of course).

Oh- also, I've added a list of the blogs I read on a regular basis (except the ones that are set to private and the ones that I only check occasionally). Check them out if you'd like and/or are bored. They keep me entertained to say the least.

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