Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Above is the bump at 13 weeks, and below is at 14 weeks :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Addicted to Ebay

Ok... so we've recently made ourselves a new ebay account for over here and I've become thoroughly addicted. I have it open on the computer all the time now and am constantly searching for good deals on stuff that we wanted for the baby... and I've bought some stuff WAY cheaper than it cost brand new. For example... we just won the bidding war for our stroller this morning. Nic and I had been shopping for baby stuff this weekend and had picked out the stroller that we really liked. It is called the Quinny Buzz 3 and it's super light and easy to put up/take down. It is really manouverable and I really liked it because you can have the child (once it's not in the carseat bit anymore) face either away from you like most strollers or towards you... I thought that was really nice. Click here to see it. Anyway- brand new it is running 385 pounds (and that's just the stoller... not the carseat)! Crazy! We got it on ebay for 108 pounds plus like another 50 quid for shipping, so like 160 pounds total. We are so happy about it and can't wait for it to get here :) We'll buy the carseat new, so we'll add like another 100 pounds, but still... that's the whole set for less than 300 pounds whereas we'd be spending nearly 500 otherwise! Yay ebay!

I also bought a sterilizer for the nozzel of the breast pump and the spare bottles for when I'm not around to breastfeed. Normally it's 35 and I got it for 10.50 including shipping. I'm stoked. I've bid on a few other things as well but they aren't over yet, so I'll have to see if we've won those as well (a bouncy chair, a bottle/food warmer, and a breastfeeding kit thing).

Other than my adventures on ebay we've been pretty busy. We spent a great majority of Saturday shopping around for baby stuff and picking out a crib... we found the one that we liked but they don't have it in stock so we'll have to wait for them to get more in. That's ok, it's not like we are in a huge rush. :) It's actually pretty nice though, it is a crib that converts to a toddler bed and then into a little couch later once they've outgrown that. We'll get some good use out of it that way I hope. Plus it matches our bedroom furniture, which normally wouldn't be that big of a deal (it is going into a different room afterall) but we have extra bedroom furniture anyway since our master bedroom here already has a closet (our last house didn't). So we have a wardrobe that matches it already and a bedside table as well.

I think I'm going to get most of the bedding from Target and have Nick bring it over when he goes in August for the Deepwater Intervention Forum Convention. Then I'll almost be done with the nursery! How's that for early! All I'll need after that will be my glider/footstool and I'll be golden :)

I've made a list of everything that we want/need for the baby right off the bat and I'm slowly making my way through it. I'm such a planner. Here's hoping that ebay has some more stuff on my list! Lol...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Annoying...

Being pregnant brings a whirlwind of emotions and changes that simply can't be ignored. There are plenty of things that I wouldn't miss out on for the world, while there are other things that I wouldn't mind missing, and still other things that are just plain annoying and could go at any second and I wouldn't be upset in the slightest.

Things I love about being pregnant:

1. Knowing that my son or daughter is living inside me comfortably.
2. The feeling I get knowing that I am providing everything my baby needs to grow and develop into a real little person.
3. Seeing our little one on the ultrasound, watching it move around.
4. Watching my husband go through stages of pure excitement, pure fear, and pure happiness.
5. Getting everything ready for the baby, buying cute little outfits and such, preparing for our lives to change to accommodate our little baby.

Things I don't love about being pregnant:
1. The mood swings... holy cow. I have NO control whatsoever over my emotions. I cry during commercial breaks or because we are out of milk. I laugh uncontrollably at lame jokes. I get irritated SUPER easy and poor Nic takes the brunt of it!
2. That I don't yet look pregnant really, just fat. It does quite a bit to your self image in the beginning.
3. I'm gassy. Whether I have indigestion and am constantly burping or whether it's coming out the back end... I have gas all the time and it's really really gross and embarrassing.
4. I'm tired ALL the time... I'm definitely ready to have my energy back.
5. I'm always hungry. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Taco Bell, which isn't in the UK unfortunately.

Things I am Super Annoyed by:
1. My boobs are really sore and I can't get comfortable while sleeping... it can be a really big pain when you are exhausted but can't get comfortable. Yes, I know this is only going to get worse.
2. I have to pee every two seconds. I can go a MAXIMUM of 3 hours before I have to go again. Seriously. It doesn't matter how much I drink... I have to go regardless. I've always had a big bladder, so this is a new thing for me.
3. I'm impatient about some things and don't like surprises... I want to know what sex the baby is NOW and I can't.
4. My hair grows really fast, I shave my legs and literally 8 hours later I'm prickly again. Annoying.
5. Something will sound really good to eat and then you spend some energy making it and it then it isn't what you wanted and you end up making something else instead. I can't tell you how many times I've spent like an hour making lunch or dinner and then ended up having cereal and fruit because I changed my mind and wanted that instead. Picky taste buds are annoying.

Ok... that's my list for the moment, or at least for the first trimester. Today I am 13 weeks along and I'm moving into my second trimester. I should hopefully get some of my energy back and not have to pee so much... I'm looking forward to that. :)

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Meet our Baby...

I don't know why it's posting the pictures in this order... that wasn't really what I had in mind but that's ok. The above picture is my growing baby bump at 12 weeks... I now understand why everyone thought it was twins. It's a little easier to see when you aren't looking down on it lol. There is only one baby in there though (whew!) and we were able to see him/her in the ultrasound last week which was absolutely amazing. It is by far the most astounding thing I've ever seen. It's one thing to find out that you are pregnant by a little stick that says so, it's another thing completely to actually see your little miracle on a screen flipping around. For some reason I had it in my head that it would take the ultrasound tech a second to find the baby in there since it was so small but as soon as she put the (FREEZING COLD) sticky gel stuff on and stuck the little scope thing on my belly there it was. Talk about a flood of emotions- one second I was laughing (which made her job a little difficult I think) and the next I was crying (again... poor lady) and eventually I had to calm myself down a little so that she didn't have to push so hard to keep the thing on my moving belly. Lol. The baby didn't really want to cooperate and kept moving around like a crazy person in there. She said I had made a ton of room in there for him/her and it looked like they were using the space well... I had to agree. The baby was waving its arms around and doing little flips in there just having a great time. It's the strangest thing to see all that movement inside you and not be able to feel it! In the picture above you can see the baby's head on the right side, it has its (I abhor calling the baby "it" but you can only say the baby so many times in one sentence I think...) left hand up by his/her face. The thing in the middle that looks like a leg is actually the umbilical cord (which it was playing with part of the time) but the one on the far left is a leg.
Here's another picture of our little baby... We can't wait to meet him/her and actually get to see it all the time. The sonogram was over before we knew it and I can't wait to go back for another sneak peek at my baby! We don't go back until September which seems like ages from now, but I'm sure it will be here before we know it!