Monday, 20 July 2009

Addicted to Ebay

Ok... so we've recently made ourselves a new ebay account for over here and I've become thoroughly addicted. I have it open on the computer all the time now and am constantly searching for good deals on stuff that we wanted for the baby... and I've bought some stuff WAY cheaper than it cost brand new. For example... we just won the bidding war for our stroller this morning. Nic and I had been shopping for baby stuff this weekend and had picked out the stroller that we really liked. It is called the Quinny Buzz 3 and it's super light and easy to put up/take down. It is really manouverable and I really liked it because you can have the child (once it's not in the carseat bit anymore) face either away from you like most strollers or towards you... I thought that was really nice. Click here to see it. Anyway- brand new it is running 385 pounds (and that's just the stoller... not the carseat)! Crazy! We got it on ebay for 108 pounds plus like another 50 quid for shipping, so like 160 pounds total. We are so happy about it and can't wait for it to get here :) We'll buy the carseat new, so we'll add like another 100 pounds, but still... that's the whole set for less than 300 pounds whereas we'd be spending nearly 500 otherwise! Yay ebay!

I also bought a sterilizer for the nozzel of the breast pump and the spare bottles for when I'm not around to breastfeed. Normally it's 35 and I got it for 10.50 including shipping. I'm stoked. I've bid on a few other things as well but they aren't over yet, so I'll have to see if we've won those as well (a bouncy chair, a bottle/food warmer, and a breastfeeding kit thing).

Other than my adventures on ebay we've been pretty busy. We spent a great majority of Saturday shopping around for baby stuff and picking out a crib... we found the one that we liked but they don't have it in stock so we'll have to wait for them to get more in. That's ok, it's not like we are in a huge rush. :) It's actually pretty nice though, it is a crib that converts to a toddler bed and then into a little couch later once they've outgrown that. We'll get some good use out of it that way I hope. Plus it matches our bedroom furniture, which normally wouldn't be that big of a deal (it is going into a different room afterall) but we have extra bedroom furniture anyway since our master bedroom here already has a closet (our last house didn't). So we have a wardrobe that matches it already and a bedside table as well.

I think I'm going to get most of the bedding from Target and have Nick bring it over when he goes in August for the Deepwater Intervention Forum Convention. Then I'll almost be done with the nursery! How's that for early! All I'll need after that will be my glider/footstool and I'll be golden :)

I've made a list of everything that we want/need for the baby right off the bat and I'm slowly making my way through it. I'm such a planner. Here's hoping that ebay has some more stuff on my list! Lol...

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