Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Yes, I know our baby is due in 33 days... and I know there is a chance that he or she could decide to grace us with their presence early. However, I do not have the nesting bug yet. My house is a disaster zone and I have no desire whatsoever to clean it. I would much rather take a nap or wrap Christmas presents (little ones... I couldn't have Nic and Mom not have ANYTHING to open on Christmas) or look up stuff about what the baby is doing in there. I would rather talk to people on the phone, watch tv, or mod podge the letters for the wall in the nursery. I would rather look at craft ideas for stuff Mom and I could make while she's here. Pretty much, I'd rather do anything else BUT clean right now.

Every now and then I'll get an urge to clean (like this morning at 3:30 after one of my MANY pee breaks in the night) but the timing is always wrong... it's either too early/late or right before lunch/dinner time, or right when we are about to go somewhere. How frustrating.

So, I've put it off and put it off and become the queen of procrastination. This REALLY needs to stop, seeing as how I have all of 9 days before my Momma gets here. 9 days. I am so very excited for her to get here, but I'm terrified that my house will look the same as it does now when she gets here! So, here is my plan. I'm going to make a list of what I would like to get done each day and hopefully, I'll stick with it. Wish me luck.

Today (Wednesday the 16th)- Clean the living room. This includes: picking up everything that doesn't belong in the living room and putting it away, sweeping and cleaning the hardwood floors, dusting the fireplace and tv unit, cleaning the large window (inside only, it's raining), clean out the fireplace. Also- do two loads of laundry and the dishes in the sink (there isn't enough for a load in the dishwasher...). Vacuum the carpeted areas (all bedrooms and hallways).

Tomorrow (Thursday the 17th)- Thoroughly clean the kitchen. This includes: sanitizing all the countertops, the table, and backsplash. Clean out the fridges (they need to be wiped down inside). Clean the windows and windowsills, including the front entry way. Sweep and mop the floor. Clear off the kitchen table and put all craft projects away (we don't eat in there, so it is more like my craft table than anything else... since Nic has claimed the dining table for his projects). Put everything on the countertops that doesn't need to be on the countertops away. Do a load of laundry. Keep the dishes done.

Friday, the 18th- Clean the bathrooms. This includes: Cleaning the toilets, washing down the shower (I just cleaned that not too long ago), cleaning the bathtub, washing the window in the large bathroom, cleaning off the mirror in the little one, sweeping and mopping the floors, reorganizing the basket in the little bathroom, putting all the clean towels away into the bathrooms they belong in (instead of putting them all in the one with the shower). Do a load of laundry. Keep the dishes done.

Saturday & Sunday- Keep stuff picked up, keep the dishes done, do a load of laundry. Wash the Subaru for the Santa Cruz on Sunday (in and out). Unload the Hilux (it still has stuff in it from our last trip in the back) and vacuum it out.

Monday, the 21st- Wash all sheets/blankets in the house again. Work on organizing Nic's table and clearing off at least half of it to eat on for when Mom gets here. Keep dishes done.

Tuesday, the 22nd- Work on Nic's table again (I have a feeling it will be a multi-day task). Once that is completed, start working on the study (organizing and putting away Nic's stuff and my paperwork). Make enough room for the air matresses for when Cris and Tony come. Clear off the desk. Reorganize the wardrobe and closet. Do a load of laundry, keep the dishes done.

Wednesday, the 23rd- Work on the study again. Do a load of laundry, keep the dishes done. Wash the couch covers.

Thursday, the 24th- Do a quick pick up of anything that is still out, sweep the floors, wipe down the countertops in the kitchen. Finish washing the couch covers. Dust the bedrooms, vacuum the floors again. Do a load of laundry, keep the dishes done.

Friday, the 25th- Enjoy the day with Nic and Mom! Woo hoo!

I think that's doable. Here's hoping I can stick to it!!!

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