Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Gene Pool

I've been trying to get motivated to finish my cleaning from yesterday (yeah I know... I'm already behind and haven't even had my list of instructions for more than 24 hours!) which led me to wonder about our baby.... which genes/traits it will inherit and which ones it will do without. See... my Mom and my sister both got the "clean gene" from my Grandmother. They keep their houses spotless (even Raime's house is always clean with three kids!) and actually enjoy cleaning. When Raime is stressed, she often pulls out the Kirby and goes to town, vacuuming her worries away. Mom has a habit of cleaning when she's stressed too... I guess it's a common thing. My Grandmother LOVES to clean. She's one of those women who will climb on a chair to clean the tops of the ceiling fans (or take it down completely to wash all the parts in warm water/cleaning solvent) on a weekly basis. She moves the furniture to vacuum underneath it. She's such a neat freak (in a good way) that when she had her carpet replaced recently, after having it for 35 years, the carpet guy actually said that was the first house he'd ever replaced the carpet for that the mat underneath was still clean. The only reason it needed replacing was to update the house... not because it was worn out or stained.

Anyway- I apparently have missed out on this "clean gene", unfortunately. I have also missed out on the green thumb (which again... my mom and sister both have). I did pick up my Mom's organizational skills, and list making abilities. I also am obsessed with balancing my checkbook (or at least looking at my online banking for all of our accounts) and when I am stressed I tend to make lists of where our money will be going for the next 6 months to a year (there's something about knowing how you are going to have to move money around to pay bills that makes me feel better... even when it's a challenge and you don't know exactly how you are going to pay for something, figuring out how much you are going to have to come up with and being prepared for it helps me de-stress). I got my love of media (movies/tv/video games) from my Dad. I also got his talkativeness and genuine interest in other people's lives/stories. I am also a bit of a packrat, I owe that one to dear old Dad too... It's easy to see that Nic got his ingenuity and knack for Engineering from his Dad and maternal Grandfather. I think he picked up his love of cars from his Uncle Paul, and his packrat side comes from his father too.

I'm really interested to see what traits our little bug will have. I wonder if he/she will stand with their hands on their hips a lot like I do (and my Dad did), or whether they'll unconsciously lick their lips when they are thinking really hard like Nic does. I wonder if they'll be a daredevil like their Dad or whether they'll have to think everything through like I do. I wonder if they'll be talkative or quiet (I'm kind of hoping for a mix there). I wonder if they'll be right or left brain dominant. I wonder if they'll be super smart and have the mind of an Engineer like Nic or whether they'll be more creative/emotional like me.

On top of all that... I wonder what baby bug is going to look like! Will he/she have Nic's pretty olive skin, or my pale complexion? Will they have hair when they are born- and if they do will it be really blonde like mine was or black like Nic's? Will they have his eye shape or mine? Will it be tall or inherit my short genes? Will it be a rolly polly baby like I was and have chubby cheeks or will it be thin like Nic was?

There are so many unknowns and the closer it gets to being time for us to meet our little one, the more excited/anxious I get! Today is the 17th of December and my due date is the 17th of January... only one more calendar month to go! Then the waiting will be over and we'll be able to meet our new family member that I love so much already!

Nic and I are so excited about it (as is most of our family...) and have conversations about it every day. It's pretty cute, whenever the baby REALLY moves around in there, Nic says that Bug is "trying to find a way out". Lol. Sometimes I think he's right, but I sure hope the baby figures out that it is not coming out through my ribcage or my bladder... that'd be nice.

I think the question about genes really boils down to one big one for us... Will it have the XX or XY gene?! I asked Nic if he still is glad that we didn't find out and I got a resounding NO! Lol. I still am enjoying the suspense and am looking forward to the moment Nic gets to tell me what our baby's sex is, but I think Nic is just tired of waiting. Ah well... we'll find out soon enough!

I really need to clean. The living room is ALMOST done, all I need to do is dust (I hate dusting) and pick up a few things that were brought back out last night. I'm crossing off cleaning out the fireplace though, I've decided that I don't need to do that and that it can wait for Mom. Lol. Then I need to start on the kitchen, although to be fair, I started on that a little yesterday (instead of dusting... I'm bad). Wish me luck... I sure hope the baby has some cleaning genes, we could use them in this house!

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