Saturday, 19 December 2009

Early Morning Craziness...

So I couldn't sleep last night for some reason. I don't know if it was because the room was too warm (we have left the heater on ALL day since it is snowing and if we turn it off it instantly freezes everything in the house...) or if it was my unsatisfied craving for something chocolate or what... but I couldn't sleep. So what did I decide to do at 1:30 in the morning? Finish cleaning the bathroom. Lol. I had to laugh at myself as I sat there with my little broom and antibacterial cleaning agents sweeping and then scrubbing down the floor so late at night... while the whole time I can hear my husband snoring away in the bedroom. It's not that I didn't WANT to go to sleep, I just couldn't force myself to do it. Ah well, at least we have two clean bathrooms now and I can fully check that off my list. Now I'm almost back on target as my list is concerned but I've decided some changes were in order (of course). I decided that I don't need to be cleaning out the fireplace, that's a good job for Nic or someone else to do. I haven't done any of the floors yet (except the bathrooms) but I have a reason for that (or excuse... whatever you want to call it). The living room floor has been put on hold since I want to get underneath the furniture (a LOT of lint gets stuck under there) and since I can't do that by myself, I'm waiting on Nic to help. Since he's been busy at work (read: REALLY BUSY since his new simulator just came in) he hasn't been home really to do that and when he does get home he's exhausted and I haven't had the heart to ask him to do anything else. Anyway, I don't really have an excuse for the kitchen floor... I'm sure I could come up with something if I really wanted to. As for vacuuming... I have NO idea where my vacuum went off to! It might have mysteriously ended up in the garage, that'd be my best guess, but it's not in the house and it's been snowing here so I haven't marched my happy butt out there to look for it. Meh. Everything else on the list up until today's activities are done though :) Score.

On a side note... has anyone else noticed that there are only 29 days left until our baby is due!? WOO HOO!! I cannot wait! Well... I can wait another week or so, I'm ok with that. Then my Mom will be here (she gets here in 6 days!!!!) and the baby will be full term. So, one more week kiddo, then you can feel free to come at any time! I got excited yesterday and went and bought two little coming home outfits for the baby (one a cute little dress and one a little blue jumpsuit) to come home from the midwife center in :) I've pulled them out like a dozen times to look at them again, they are so stinking cute (and little!). I can't wait to see which one we'll use! I've also written another letter to the baby for its baby book. I think it is really starting to get squished in my tummy, it keeps moving from the left side to the right side today, like it cant decide which side is more comfortable. Each time he/she does it, my organs get pushed around a little bit which isn't overly pleasant, but that's ok.

Anyway- I'm off to figure out what is for lunch... I'm STARVING today. I actually woke up at 7 (mind you... after going to bed at 3:45) because I HAD to have a bowl of cereal. My stomach has been growling again for like the last hour or so which actually woke up the baby once... so I guess I should eat again.

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