Friday, 7 November 2008

I hate waiting...

So this morning I was walking through the kitchen to get my morning cuppa and I noticed that the little red light was flashing on the phone. This usually means we've missed a call, sometimes there's even a message. This time there was two missed calls and two messages. What?! I was home all day yesterday- AND I had the phone with me for most of the day as I was waiting to hear back about the interview. So as I go to listen to the messages, I find out they were at 6:46 and basically someone called during the 5 minutes I had left the phone downstairs to go up to put on socks. Damn cold feet! The first was from Cris (Nic's mom) and the second was from Dianne (with Raeburn). ARGH! She said they wanted to make me an offer- YAY!!! but that she'd be out of the office Friday (today). So, now I'm sitting here waiting for a few more days possibly... when in the message she said she'd like me to start Monday if I accept.

So... now I wait. I wait to find out what they are offering pay wise, which position they are offering (the one I actually went to interview for or the higher one...) and for her to call me back to discuss it. I hate waiting.

I called them this morning (a few minutes ago) and talked to Lora about how to get in touch with Dianne if she's out of the office and she said she IS reachable, and that she'll pass on the message to call me at home today... so hopefully I'll know what I'm doing before the weekend.

I'm actually excited, and am hoping that I have reason to be.

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