Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's been a while

I could just scream, I love this girl so much... she's such a happy baby!
I love this one... she really looks like my side of the family here. :)
While the flash is too bright, I love that she's laughing. I can't get enough!
Here's Liara in the high chair at the restaurant when we went out for my friend Paul's birthday.
And here's my devious little girl climbing in her little toy box for the living room. She's so stinking cute!

Sorry to you all for the lack of posts recently. I've been pretty busy lately and have severely neglected the blog... my apologies.

We've been gearing up for our trip home at Christmas time (yes, I know it isn't even Halloween yet) and trying to get everything planned. Because our trips home are usually pretty quick, I try to plan them all out so I know who I'm supposed to see when, and what we are going to be doing. I've tried super hard to figure out a way to stop by Amarillo, Plainview, and Lubbock, but I'm stumped. While there are a few days available, it would mean more traveling (there's only so many plane rides that a 11 month old can take without losing it) and it would mean trying to cram in three different families in two days. Plus, that's an extra 450 dollars or so that we just don't have at the moment. Hopefully we'll move home sometime soon and it will be easier to make a few trips to visit everyone we'd like to.

On top of trip planning, I've had one teething baby on my hands. While she's still a good girl and is so sweet, her poor gums are giving her a run for her money. She tries to eat everything she can get her little hands on and then screams because she's bit too hard and it gets sore. Bless her heart, she's a little trooper though and will smile for you as soon as it stops hurting. I've tried giving her ibuprofen, teething tablets, teething gel, teething rings, soft things to chew on, etc, and while most of those work temporarily, she's just in pain and it doesn't go away. Hopefully after this tooth comes through (the top left eye tooth) she'll catch a break for a little while. As for sleeping, she's been doing MUCH better. She'll go to sleep at about 9, then wake up again at 11, then sleep through until about 6:30 or so. I can easily deal with that.

Nic's been busy at work as usual. He has his annual review today that I'm excited about. This is his first "annual" review in three years, so it better be a good one. Considering that his programmers haven't done what they had promised so long ago and he has an incomplete product yet has still managed to sell it and make a profit for the company... I'd say he's doing great. The simulator is coming along and will be superb once the guys get their butt in gear and do their thing. It's a shame everyone doesn't have the same work ethic that he does...it's hard to get good help.

I've been doing the usual... cleaning, picking up toys, following Liara around as she explores, cooking, working on charity stuff, working on the stockings and have managed to have a few lunches with some friends. I'm not exactly sure what I did before I had Liara... man, I must of had some serious time on my hands!

Ok, I need to go, as Liara has found a pen and has written on the couch. Joy. I'll try to update more often again!

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