Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tired Yet Motivated

I always tend to laugh at myself for trying to make plans.  I don't know why I do that... they always change in some form or another.  I had planned on getting several trips to the house in tomorrow and then picking up Nic at the airport (he's been back in Aberdeen since Mother's Day) at 6:45.  Well, that isn't going to happen now.  I got an e-mail from Centerpoint Energy (natural gas) saying that the service guy would be coming to the house "sometime between 8am to 5pm".  Haha!  Nice "minimal window of time" there.  So, instead of making several trips, it looks like I'll only make maybe two (it takes me an hour to get there, and an hour to get back and the girls nap for two hours in the afternoon).  Ah well... Nic is going to be working on Thursday anyway (although I have to be at the house again for the internet/cable installation between 10 and 2 (much better time frame) and so we won't be moving the heavy stuff until Friday.  I think he's going to take the day off so we can get everything over and spend the weekend getting everything the way we like it.  Again, plans are for changing though, so I'm not counting on anything.  

I made some pretty good progress today, although I stop what I was doing plenty of times to play/correct/cuddle the girls.  It seems whenever I really get on a roll is when Liara decides she's had enough.  Typical two year old behavior though, and I'm understanding of that.  My plans and actions aren't as important as her needs, so I tend to stop and take a break to spend some time playing and getting her back on the right track.  Several times I had to stop today because she's developed a new interest: picking up her sister.  As cute as that sounds, it isn't a good idea.  Liara weighs all of 29 lbs and Amaya (the last time we weighed her was 3 weeks ago) is pushing 16 lbs 12 oz.  Liara would LOVE to carry Amaya around, it just isn't quite feasible.  She can get her about two inches off the ground though, just long enough for me to rush over before she drops her.  There was one time today where I wasn't quite quick enough but Amaya is a trooper and just gave me a look like "how could you let her do that to me?!" and that was enough to make me feel bad about it.  We've had several talks about it and I usually try to let Liara hold Amaya with my assistance while we talk about having someone help her until she's bigger.  Liara, like me, doesn't do well with being told she isn't able to do something though.  We are working on it.

Amaya is doing great... she doesn't really want to be held very much any more... she would much rather be on the floor exploring.  She is GREAT at scooting around now and I'm really hoping she'll hold off until tomorrow night to crawl.  She is so stinking close it's scary.  I think I saw the tip of a tooth on the bottom of her mouth as well, but I couldn't feel it when I put my finger on it.  We'll see if it was just a bit of milk or if it was actually a bud about to poke through.  Exciting stuff!  I can't believe she'll be 6 months next Thursday.  At the same time, I can't remember what life was like without her really.  My baby is really growing up (well, both my girls are really) faster than I would like... it makes me want to have more! Haha.

Speaking of having babies... my friend Amber (who actually lived in Aberdeen for one of the years we were there with her sweet husband Mike) just had quadruplets on the 31st.  All the babies are doing well, although the little boy (she had three girls Trystan, Kailey, Logan and a boy-Harrison, but not in that order) is having more difficulty breathing than the girls.  The girls are all on room air now but Harrison isn't quite there yet (but he will be soon!) and has a slight brain bleed.  If you could pray for them all, I'd greatly appreciate it.  They are an amazing family and I am so inspired by them for how they tackle anything that is thrown their way.  They have been on my mind constantly and we've been praying like crazy but the more the merrier when it comes to prayer.  

Ok, it's nearly midnight and I have a busy day planned for tomorrow so I'm going to hit the sack.  Hooray for getting some stuff in and settled in the house again and hooray for Nicolas coming home!  I was putting Liara to bed and she asked "are we picking up Daddy tonight?" and I had to remind her it was tomorrow, so then she shut her eyes really tight and said "goodnight then!  See him tomorrow!".  :) I can't even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow too!  We really do miss him when he is away.  It sure does make you respect military spouses a million times more when you have a husband who travels a lot for work.  


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B said...

So precious - sweet, sweet Liara!

And quads - WOW! I can't believe it! I thought triplets could be a handful when I watched them - I can't even imagine quads!!! So happy for you to be back in your home!