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Friday, 7 November 2008


I was called back at about noon or so today and the offer was good so I took it! YAY! I will finally be working like a normal person again! haha. I enjoyed my time temping, don't get me wrong, but I'm so glad not to have to worry about finding another job for a while... PLUS I get to settle in somewhere and really get to know the people there. It seems to be a great place to work. I've already received two e-mails from girls at work (one from the lady I interviewed with at first, Lora, and the other from Lynsey- my temp recruiter) saying they look forward to seeing me on Monday. YAY. Lora is pregnant and is going to be going on leave in April. I'm glad I'll already be familiar with two (three if you count Dianne, the director) girls there.

Anyway, I thought I'd update you all before I head out to Dunc and Laura's for tea and some catching up before the meeting.

I hate waiting...

So this morning I was walking through the kitchen to get my morning cuppa and I noticed that the little red light was flashing on the phone. This usually means we've missed a call, sometimes there's even a message. This time there was two missed calls and two messages. What?! I was home all day yesterday- AND I had the phone with me for most of the day as I was waiting to hear back about the interview. So as I go to listen to the messages, I find out they were at 6:46 and basically someone called during the 5 minutes I had left the phone downstairs to go up to put on socks. Damn cold feet! The first was from Cris (Nic's mom) and the second was from Dianne (with Raeburn). ARGH! She said they wanted to make me an offer- YAY!!! but that she'd be out of the office Friday (today). So, now I'm sitting here waiting for a few more days possibly... when in the message she said she'd like me to start Monday if I accept.

So... now I wait. I wait to find out what they are offering pay wise, which position they are offering (the one I actually went to interview for or the higher one...) and for her to call me back to discuss it. I hate waiting.

I called them this morning (a few minutes ago) and talked to Lora about how to get in touch with Dianne if she's out of the office and she said she IS reachable, and that she'll pass on the message to call me at home today... so hopefully I'll know what I'm doing before the weekend.

I'm actually excited, and am hoping that I have reason to be.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


My birthday is coming up soon (it's the 29th of November) and we had made plans with our AS group to go to the club's Christmas Do (gathering if you will..) that night and then go out on the town afterwards. I was really excited about it (and still am!) as I get to spend time with a lot of my friends here...

Well... Now I'm even more excited, as Jamie (my best friend for the past 23 years or so) is coming to Scotland for my birthday! How great is that?!

Bonfires, Covershoots and Interviews... OH MY!

This past month or so has been pretty busy for Nic and I but that's not to say that it hasn't been fun! We've met with our AS (Scoobie) bunch several times, had friends over, taken pictures for the Calendar that AS puts out for charity each year, had our Guy Fawkes Day bonfire with the neighborhood (and Stavros and Fiona too!), and I've attended an interview for a job I kinda hope I get!

I'll start out with the Bonfire... Every year on the 5th of November (Remember Remember the 5th of November) everyone here celebrates Guy Fawkes Day. To give you a brush up on your history, Guy Fawkes was the guy who tried to blow up the parliament building in the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. You are supposed to burn an effigy of Guy but I haven't ever seen that happen. Instead, everyone just gathers around a massive bonfire and eats/drinks and catches up on each other's lives. Last year we were still at the Pitmedden Hotel and got to see some fireworks and that was about it. This year, we got to attend our neighborhood bonfire (everyone carts ALL of their boxes and tree clippings etc from the WHOLE year down to a specific point and we burn it). Everyone was a bit dissapointed with the size of it this year (except Nic, Stavros, Fiona and I... it looked massive to us!) because apparently the past two years it has been almost double in size! Here's a picture of it halfway through (so imagine it about a third bigger before in the beginning).

And here's one of our neighbor Mike lighting one of his flares (he really really loves flares!) to add a bit of orange smoke to it to make it feel more like Halloween. The kids liked them, but I think they liked the fireworks more!

Last Sunday we went to take pictures with some of the AS group for the cover of our charity (Santa Cruise) calendar. We had an ok turnout this year, although there should have been more. We started out with 15 and ended up with 14, as someone had to leave to go offshore! That's alright though. Here's one of the pictures... If you want a calendar (they are 10 pounds each... but 100% of that goes to the charity, as we had the cost sponsored) let me know. Nic and I share a page with Duncan and Laura (it looks great though!) and we are on the cover as well... Ok, well... our car is on the cover! haha. In this picture, our car is on the back row, second car.

We had a bunch of people taking pictures for us so there should be some really good photos from that day, they were taking it from the hill on the golf course. I was going to go up there but some golfers were about to tee up when I was going to go so I had to stay on the side the cars were parked... You can see Nic's shadow at the bottom- haha quality!

Let's see... Yesterday I went to an interview with Raeburn (which is actually one of the temp agencies that I was using to find temp work!). They are looking for an admin so I went to go interview for that position. I sat and visited with the ladies for about an hour and a half and they ended up saying that I'd be better for the role above the position I was interviewing for (for the manager of the admin department basically...) So they are now considering me for that role. I'm really actually pretty excited about it, and if it's offered to me I'll probably take it. Well... as long as they offer the right salary! haha! We'll see how that goes. I do have blisters on my feet from walking to the interview from Stavros' flat (it's .8 miles there and .8 back and I wasn't wearing my nice heels) though so if I do get the job I'll have to remember to bring my trainers everyday!

I think that's about it at the moment... I have to go make lunch, as Nic should be here any minute!