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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Windblown and Sunburnt...

We're in Wales again finally... we got here last Friday after spending Thursday night in Liverpool at Jay's Mom's house. We got unpacked and settled in somewhat and were looking forward to getting starting on getting some serious work done. Then Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday it was a weather nightmare. The rain was heavy then light, but always around and the wind was at hurricane force. It was to the point where you had to walk at a 15 degree angle to get anywhere you wanted to go or else risk being picked up or blown over by the wind. Ridiculous. Thankfully the weather lightened up and was STUNNING yesterday... it was perfect. The sun was shining the whole day and the wind was just a breeze now and then. Some of the guys actually got to go out yesterday and get some diving time in (Bob, Jay and Warwick) and somehow Bob managed to use up 4 tanks! Nic and I spent the day working on one of the other RIBs but got so much done it's not even funny. We installed the other camera/light, made a removable table for the comms box, Nic re-wired the umbilical and I re-wrapped it, we got storage for the unorganized gear room, and tied up a few more odds and ends. I ended up a bit red, I think from the sun yesterday but it could be a bit from the wind the past few days as well.... who knows. We were proud of our productivity considering the day before we had worked all day and hadn't gone to bed until 1:30. Poor Nic was exhausted since he has to get up at 4:30 every morning to go with Bob to check the swells on the site to see if it is ok to dive that day. We've been going non-stop since we got here, despite the weather. Actually, I think we are actually busier when we have bad weather since we are trying to get everything done and then make up for lost time when we actually can get in the water.

I'm a little bummed that I'm not going on the boat this trip. I'm used to being out there with the guys and it's really strange to not be able to suit up and get out there. The water is just too rough though and I don't think it's worth the risk to the baby to be out there. Hey... next trip is either the Bahamas or the Keys in our new yacht though, so I'm pleased enough knowing that is one trip I won't have to miss :) Things are happening and I'm so excited about them. I can't post anything here, because nothing is finalized and we still need to secure some stuff first... but I can't wait!

The baby has been kicking up a storm lately (more so than usual) and I love it! I look at the new ultrasound pictures every night and can't help but fall more and more in love with our sweet baby. I can't wait to see what the next 18 1/2 weeks brings and meet the baby!

OH! I just realized I haven't written about the ultrasound yet! Sorry! We went to the ultrasound on Thursday morning, right before we left for the trip. We got to spend about half an hour watching the baby yawn, stretch, and do somersaults. It was really clear and we could see all the little details (except the sex which we were glad of!) like the eyes (you'll see in the picture...), all ten fingers and toes, the organs, it's skull and spine, and just how freaking cute its little profile is. Everything looks great and is right on target which was fantastic news. It's so comforting to see that! We got a really good look at the baby's heart, which was pumping so rhythmically and efficiently... we even got to see the way the blood flowed through it (it would color incoming blood blue and outgoing blood red... so we got to see how its heart actually was working- AMAZING!). It is absolutely indescribable the feeling that you get watching your baby like that.

Anyway... Here's the pictures from the ultrasound so that you can see for yourself.
This one shows the baby as it does a somersault. You can see the spine really well and the head on the right. You can also see a leg on the left.

Here's our sweet baby. I love this one, it is a great view of the baby's profile. So adorable!

This is actually both of the baby's feet. You can see the heel of one on the left and then the sole of the other one on the right. The baby had its legs crossed most of the time... just relaxing and trying to take a nap.

Here is a blurry picture of the baby's profile. It was laying perfectly still until the tech tried to take this picture and then it moved a bit, so it's a little smeared. You can see an ear and part of it's face (the smudge makes it look like a monkey!). You can also see the little arm and hand in this one, it's rubbing it's neck or something...

Here's the last one... but one of my favorites. The baby is looking straight at the camera and you can see it's eyes and skull shape, as well as both of the hands and it's belly. So amazing. This is right before the baby let out a HUGE yawn and tried to push against the walls to get some more room. I'm SO in love!