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Monday, 23 May 2011

Week 11... AGAIN!

Well, we went for our first ultrasound with baby number 2 today (aka Baby Dos) and everything went wonderfully. The baby was super active and waving/kicking everywhere, making good use of the space while they have it! :) Liara slept through her first scan, so it was nice to see a very active teeny tiny baby in there. We got to see the heartbeat as well, although she had the sound off so we didn't get to actually hear it, which is a bummer. Maybe that's why I didn't cry this time and was all smiles... who knows. Perhaps it was that there was only one baby in there (I've been having dreams non stop that there were twins... whew!). Regardless, we were supposed to get our down's screening today as well, but it turns out that we're only 11 weeks along (as opposed to 12), so it's still to early. That means that we'll be getting three ultrasounds this time instead of two, so that's exciting. We'll get our next one in two weeks :)

Liara has been a stinker today, throwing fits left and right. It's to the point where I've asked her where my good girl is and she responds with "good girl gone". :( NOOOO!!!! I love my good girl and am looking forward to her return. Perhaps it's the lack of nap, we'll try that.

Nic took the scan pictures with him to work to scan in for me since our printer/scanner is being a loser. I'll post the pictures from this afternoon when I get them :)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Always Trust Your Gut!

So I had my second midwife appointment on Tuesday and all was well, or at least until the end when she asked me if I'd phoned in to get my results for my urinalysis from the previous week (um, no... you always give me the results so why would I call?). She said the tech had seen some bacteria in my urine suggesting that I had an urinary tract infection and that I was prescribed amoxicillin. I said ok, kind of shocked, and went on my way. Once I actually was at the pharmacy filling the prescription, it dawned on me that I can't take it... Liara is allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin IS passed on through breast milk. I phoned the doctor's office back that afternoon while Li was taking her nap and spoke to one of the doctors on duty. To be honest... I was really disappointed in the care for the first time since living here. The doctor (we'll call her Dr.W) said that I'd have to take it anyway and suggested that I just stop breastfeeding for the week I had to take it. Um, wrong answer. I hung up and mulled it over for a while. I kept thinking that there has to be some other option. I decided I'd use the tube intended for collecting an urine sample for my next midwife appointment to give them another urine sample to test. I peed in my little cup and dropped it off that afternoon. In the meantime, I began pumping so that I would have some breast milk to give her while I took it if that's what I had to do. I was getting frustrated because my supply is JUST what Liara needs and I was only getting about two ounces after each feed since she was getting her full first. :/ So today, after two days of fretting and thinking... it dawned on me. What do pregnant women who are allergic to amoxicillin take? Why can't I have that? I called the doctors' office again and didn't get an answer, so I phoned the midwife center and spoke to a REALLY helpful midwife. She looked at my file, said it was strange, and asked me if I had any other symptoms. Foul smelling pee? Nope. Pain during urination? Nope. Cloudy urine? Nope. Blood? Nope. Hmm... she said it'd be best to give another sample to double check, but if there was an infection that there were TWO other drugs they could give me instead that would be ok. Booya. I told her about dropping off the urine sample on Tuesday afternoon on a whim and she said she'd see that they rushed it and to call back this afternoon. So, I called. Completely clean.

What a pain in the ass for nothing! I'm so glad I trusted my gut, but at least now I know that if I DID have an urine infection there WOULD be something I could take that wouldn't cause Liara to have a reaction. Shame on Dr.W for just giving the "easy" answer to quit breastfeeding. I hate it when doctors do that. You obviously aren't doing your job and you don't have our best interests in mind. Maybe you should find another profession. :P

Friday, 13 May 2011

Woah Baby...

Ok, I know I was showing fairly soon last time (as in 12 weeks...), but I'm already busting out the rubber band tricks to get the last little bit of wear out of my jeans before I have to pack them away for a while. What's that you say? 'But you're only 10 weeks?' Yeah... tell me about it. Come on body! I was really enjoying those size 6's thank you very much. I guess my challenge now is to see if I can fit in my size 8 dress that I have been planning on wearing to a friends wedding on the 1st of June. Please, oh please don't make me buy a new dress... I'd rather spend the money on other things.

My mother-in-law has just bought me a bunch (as in 3 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, two dresses, and a shawl thing... sweet!) of new maternity clothes since I sent all of mine to my sister in law (who is also expecting... she's a month ahead of me with her first! YAY) before we found out we were having baby number 2. I'm excited for that... to be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to wearing the same stuff over again.

I've been super emotional today... I'll chalk that up to baby hormones. I cried watching American Idol (why in the world did James have to go?!), even though I already knew what was going to happen. I cried during a commercial for some beer (I didn't catch the name) just because the guy was being nice to his girlfriend. I've cried today because a friend's child made a sweet comment about her and her husband being in love. What haven't I cried about today?! Ugh.

I know i'm a bit random today, but my head is all over the place right now and to be honest... if I don't write in stream of consciousness this time, I won't write an entry at all so I figured it was better than nothing, right? Welcome to my life at the moment- a bit obscure and hard to understand.

I've been so freaking thirsty lately (maybe it's to make up for the water loss in tears!). I'm seriously on my 6th bottle of water today. I've also been craving KFC, but when we went today it just wasn't what I was hoping for. Probably because I was craving AMERICAN KFC, not Scottish KFC, but I guess it was close enough. At least it's not Taco Bell like with Liara... they don't have a Scottish version of that over here. To be honest, I'm looking forward to Nic taking his GRE on the 25th so we will be in Edinburgh and I know there's a Quizno's there. How sad is that?! I'm also looking forward to our trip to Houston in August so that Nic and I can have a date night and go to this little Mom & Pop Italian place that we used to frequent before movies. They have a buffet and OH, is it good. I have food on the brain... what can I say.

I've been worried a little about this baby's birthday. Not because I'm scared of labor... I'm actually looking forward to doing it again and hoping I can have another natural child birth experience. What I'm worried about is Liara. I want to make the transition from being an only child to being a big sister as easy as possible. I worry about who's going to watch her and how long they'll make me stay in the hospital away from her (last time it was 24 hours since there was meconium in my water), so I'm hoping this baby won't be in distress at all and will wait to poop until he's out so that we can go home in three hours. I'd much rather be at home with my girl and baby than stuck in the hospital like last time. She's never been away from Nic and I for more than 3 hours (and that was only 1 time... and she had two baby sitters- one was her godfather and one was a family friend). I guess we'll have to see if we can work on that some before this one comes so she is prepared for some time away from Mommy and Daddy while I'm in labor. My midwife was trying to push a home labor on me this time, and I'd totally go for it if I thought Nic would be comfortable with it (He's totally 100% not). I want everyone be comfortable and relaxed... it makes a huge difference.

Anyway, I'm going to go spend some time with my sweet husband. 'Night!