Saturday, 23 August 2008

Our Clever Boy...

Abraham is a very smart dog... I've always known this. What I didn't quite realise is how far he would go to get what he wants and how sneaky he could be. I received a phone call from Cris this afternoon to fill me in on just how clever my dog is.

Friday morning she went out to feed him like normal. He was in the back yard, waiting for his food and everything seemed normal. Today (Saturday) she went out to feed him again and he was missing. It's pretty scary when you think you've lost someone else's beloved pet (as both sets of our parents have found out thanks to Abe) so Cris and Tony drove around for a while looking for him. They drove around the neighborhood, to the park down the street, to the houses across the ditch, and even to the pound... all with no luck. So they returned to the house and started to work on printing up flyers. As the first flyer was finishing printing a neighbor showed up to say that they had Abraham in their backyard. What's interesting about this (as he is often in someone else's backyard) is that they claim that he was there since THURSDAY. The family has three teenagers and a dog of their own, so Abe was getting a lot of attention and a different option of food. Cris walked over to their house to make sure it was Abe (since she knows he was at the house on Friday and they say he was in their backyard the whole time). Turns out... my baby has been playing some people. Big time. He has dug holes in the back of Cris and Tony's house and in this other family's house as well and has been going back and forth as he pleases. He comes back to Cris and Tony's for food and such, and then goes to the other family to play with their dog and play fetch with the girls... I think it's halarious. Tony has patched the holes in both places and they are watching Abe to see if he's going to attempt to do it again.

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