Monday, 4 August 2008

Pains, Planes and Automobiles...

We think we may have found a car... we'll go to test drive it tomorrow. It's a 2004 Citroen C2 1.6i 1g V GT. In English, it's a cute little black 2 door hatchback. It only has 38,500 miles on it and has only had one owner. We'll see if we like how it drives tomorrow, but as for now it has the thumbs up. I'm happy because it's fairly cheap, gets GREAT gas mileage (40-50 mpg), is in excellent condition, and is small. Nic likes it because it's fairly cheap, has a little spunk (compared to the other cars we were looking at and the good ol' volvo), is little, and doesn't look half bad. I'll tell you all how it goes after we test drive it. We would have gone to test it this weekend but had some scheduling conflicts with the owner and so we opted for tomorrow night.

Meanwhile... I'm not exactly sure what I did, but I must have done something to aggravate my back. I'm hobbling around like I am 102 or something. It doesn't matter whether I'm sitting down, standing up, or laying flat on my back... it doesn't seem to be too pleased with me. I took a hot bath earlier today and that made it happy while I was in the water, but then went back to aching again as soon as I stepped out. I think I may go get an ice pack in a minute to put on it.

Nic is doing well, he's been busy at work. He's getting ready for his trip to Canada in a few weeks and then his trip to the States immediately following that for the DIF annual conference. He should have a good time on the trips, but he'll be super busy too. I think he's trying to cram too much in to such a little time (he'll be gone a week total), but he thinks he can get everything accomplished so I guess we'll see.

Ok... I'm off to make an ice pack.

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