Monday, 25 May 2009

We're Having a Baby!

We have had a really exciting week! On Thursday (after me feeling a bit weird for a couple weeks) Nic had a dream that I was stealing children from daycares (lol... thanks honey!) and I decided to take a pregnancy test because I was a couple days late. Normally that isn't unusual because I'm not even close to being regular (sorry if that's too much info!) but anyway- the test came back positive! We were really excited and were almost late to work... but we managed to get through the whole day anyway. That afternoon we took another test and it was again positive which helped the whole thing sink in a bit. We went to the doctor's office on Friday and got the pregnancy confirmed and found out that we were a little over 6 weeks pregnant (so it's still REALLY early), I'll be 7 weeks on Wednesday. The due date we have been given is January 13th, 2010 and we are very very excited!

We've been trying for a long time, so this is great news for us. It's hard to be cautious and level headed when something this big happens. I'm not going to fully announce it at work for another few weeks (I'm thinking like 12 weeks or so) but Nic has already pretty much told everyone at his office.

I'm exhausted but I've got a very busy month ahead of me... I leave on Thursday to fly to Houston and see Edith, Angel and Kamila and then celebrate Tony's birthday with Nic's family. Then I leave for Austin on Friday morning to join Kat in her wedding celebrations. I'll have lunch with the other bridesmaids, then go to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Saturday is the wedding itself and then Sunday I'll drive back to Houston to fly out that afternoon to come back home. Whew... I'm tired just thinking about it-but excited none the less. Then on the 11th my parents are coming to see me! On the 12th is our first midwife appointment so I'm excited about that too! We'll get to spend two weeks with my family and then we leave for Massachusetts to go to MATE for the week. What a whirlwind month.

I'll give a more comprehensive update when I'm not so sleepy... I can barely keep my eyes open! Lol!

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John, Carrie, Grant, and Swampy said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!! Bieng a mom is the BEST EVER!!!!! I am sooo happy for you!!!!!