Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Pictures Galore

Ok, I've received some e-mails asking for pictures of our recent travels around Scotland. I've picked some pictures out that show how awesome the country I live in actually is, but still, they don't do it justice. I love it here and am constantly amazed at how beautiful it is. I'm working on my garden this week and will post pictures of that when I'm done. Here goes...

This is Nic and I in front of Loch Ness (no, sadly we did not get to see the Loch Ness Monster. I was calling for Nessy to show up, but no luck.) It was really sunny so we are kind of squinting.
This is Inverness Castle, we didn't get to go inside because it was already closed by the time we got there. We did eat at a cafe across the street from it though (it wasn't that fantastic).
This is the Chapel at Dunottar castle (which is by far my favorite castle so far). It's a ruin basically, but it just has a lot of personality (perhaps because of the number of times it's been attacked, or by the religious persecution that went on there...).
This is a picture of the entrance to Dunottar Castle. I always forget to take a picture of the stairs when I go. They are a bitch to get up, let me tell you. They are definitely worth it though.
This is me in front of the cave that Nic and I found when we were exploring the beach around Dunottar castle. The sun was really bright and makes me look ghostly, but oh well. That thing was deep (we didn't go inside...)
Here's a picture of Dunottar castle from the walk to the entrance. To the left are the afore mentioned stairs (kind of...) you have to walk pretty much to the bottom of the cliff and then up a bit (the walk back to the parking lot is WAY harder than the walk there). Can you tell this is my favorite?
This is Loch Ness. It was so very beautiful. We spent a little while here skipping stones and just looking around. It is a massive lake (I never knew it was so large).
Another view of Dunottar... I love that place.
Here's a view of the peninsula by Dunottar castle. Isn't it beautiful?
Again, but you can see some of the flowers. I could stay there forever and be perfectly happy. It's so amazing.
The barracks at Dunottar. They used to be two story but the roof and floor of the second story are now gone.
This is a picture from one of the windows in Dunottar Castle. This place has amazing views.

Other than that... we have been driving around and setting up house. We did have a bit of excitement the other day because Karin lost her purse in Edinburgh (including her passport), they found it though (but she hasn't gotten it back yet).

Nic just got home for lunch so I'm going to go visit for a bit. I love you all!


Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful and I can see why you like the D castle - the views are spectacular! Glad you included the pic of you and Nic, you both look very happy and that sure does a mama's heart good! So happy that you are happy! Grandmother's 1st cataract surgery went well today...if all goes well, she will have the left eye done in two weeks. Give each other hugs and kisses for me! love you both - Momma

Katharine said...

I started looking up cool things to visit that are around you for when Clint and I come out and visit (hopefully in September or October), and Dunnotar Castle was one of the first things on my list that I wanted to see! It looks like such an amazing area, I am so happy that y'all are enjoying it!

In other news, Clint's interview at the National Institutes of Health in DC at the beginning of the month went so well that they offered him a position there before he even left to come back to Texas! Last week he decided to forget about the rest of his interviews that he has later this month with other companies and went ahead and accepted the postdoc at NIH. It was his top pick out of everything that he applied for, so we're really excited he was able to get what he wanted! So now, we'll be moving to DC at the end of summer, and will be expecting a visit from y'all sometime while we are there. ;-)

Love you.

raime said...

I love seeing the pictures. It is really nice over there, but you should move back here anyway.:P Americas no fun without you.