Monday, 2 June 2008

Our House

I figured I'd post a few pictures of the house with our stuff in it since I haven't done that yet. Here's the living room (I would post pictures of the dining area too, but Nic has the table covered in computer parts from when he decided he was going to take apart and rebuild our laptop... When it's cleaned up I'll post that side of the room).

This is my new reading room! Yay for that, I'm still working on rebuilding my library (I left all my books in the states, they are in storage). I want to get a little table to put in the middle, but this is it for now. There is a wardrobe on the other side of the settee. All the furniture in the room was free!
Here's the guest bedroom. The bed is actually pretty cool, it's one of the beds that rise so that you can have your feet and/or back elevated and it also vibrates and stuff. Fun stuff. This is also a free room. I love my neighbors.
These are my beautiful lilies that I have in my front yard. There are so many open right now that it just takes my breath away. They are my favorite flowers and make me happy whenever I look at them.
This is a picture of my back garden. We planted a whole bunch of new stuff, but I'm going to wait to take another picture of them when they are a little bigger and are flowering completely.

I haven't posted as much as I usually do because we've had company for the past three and a half weeks. Karin (Nic's sister) and Jonathan (brother-in-law) got here on the 10th of May and stayed until the 26th. Tony and Cris (Nic's parents) came on the 16th. Tony left with Karin and Jonathan and Cris left yesterday (the 1st of June). We had a good time while they were here, seeing some sights and working on the yard. We went to a few castles, downtown, to Inverness and just driving around. We saw a few movies (Indiana Jones was a big let down, Sex and the City was good). We played a lot of games with Bob, Mike, Stavros and Fiona (and occasionally Cameron and Lisa), and played a LOT of Grand Theft Auto IV. We found our new favorite Indian restaurant (it's really really good), and ate dinner at the Lindsmohr too. Tony and Cris got to know our neighbors pretty well too. We had some really good tres leches cake that Cris made and some good flan too. It was a pretty busy time, it is definitely different to have the house still and quiet again.

I've cleaned house this morning and got things organized again. Nic is supposed to bring Stavros (it's his first day at Fugro) and Cameron home for lunch today, I'll have to start making that soon. I moved all my books up into my reading room and had a little break to read a bit which was really nice. I'm going to enjoy having a quiet space to read and enjoy a good book.

We are in the process of trying to find out where we are supposed to be going to get our visas, hopefully Nic will have more information today, it's driving me crazy to not know what is going on. I wish I was working already, I would be able to find out everything on my own. I guess I'll just have to continue to be patient and wait for them to get their act together. I think that because it's supposed to happen soon I am a little more antsy than I was before.

I've received a lot of good news over the past few days. Kat and Clint are getting married, they are still deciding on a date but it is going to be sometime next summer. I'm happy for them and am excited to see how their wedding planning progresses. They are such a great couple and I know they'll be happy for quite some time. Nic has another guy that is going to be moved into his department too, which is exciting. His name is Paul and I'm sure Nic will find something for him to do. Now he'll have three people in his department (Cameron, Stavros and Paul). I'm so proud of him and it's amazing what he's acomplished already. Karin got her passport back (she lost it in Edinburgh but it was returned by a nice Australian couple) and is getting to do her student teaching in College Station (Bryan anyway) so she'll get to come home to her husband every night (instead of just on the weekends). My mom is done with school for the summer after today and Raisa was done on Friday. That's very exciting, I think Mom needed a break. LaShay is having a baby, I'm still waiting to hear when she's supposed to be due, but it's exciting for her none the less. I think that's about it. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I'll remember later probably.

I'm going to go make lunch and get things ready for the boys to come home for lunch. I hope everyone is doing well.

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Momma said...

Wow, the house looks so nice! It looks so homy and comfortable. And your yard is just beautiful! I know you are so excited about the lillies! I am so happy for you both to have your place. Your reading room is very inviting and I can see you curled up in the wing back chair reading! Lucky you!

I'm on my way to the last day of work for me and am so happy to have a summer break ahead of me. Plans for the summer are painting the spare bedroom and all the trim in the hallway...both are deperately needed.

Marge is still in Dallas with Janie. They said Michael's wedding was really pretty- done on a spit on the coast of Virginia Beach. I guess Marge will be coming home soon.

The Mulanax family reunion is coming up on the 14th of June. Got to get busy with getting something made for the auction.

I am glad for you to have the house back to yourselves.

I am so very proud of Nic...he has accomplished so much in such a short time!

Enjoy your time to yourselves! I love you both! Momma