Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Talk About Expensive!

So while I was dropping off the keys to the old house to the estate agents, I had to get some petrol because I only had five gallons left in the tank. I drove by 4 gas stations on my way, one of them was 1.21, two were 1.17 and one was 1.15 (mind you this is the price per LITRE). I went ahead and pulled in to the one that was 1.15 just flabbergasted and afraid of missing my chance at the cheapest gas. As I sat there watching the dials go up and up and up I did some calculations in my head. There are 4.55 litres in an imperial gallon (the gallons are different than in the States). That means that I was paying 5.23 per gallon I pumped. If you convert that into dollars that is a whopping $10.20 per gallon. (as of right now there is $1.95 per pound). So I don't want to hear a word about expensive gas in the states. Seriously. You guys keep complaining about gas that's almost four dollars when I'm paying over ten. SHHHHH.

I had a little freak out session in the car but then I had to find something to make myself get over it. I looked around at the beautiful scenery and thought about how great it is that we moved into a house closer to work! Thank God for that! When we first got here petrol was just 89 pence per litre. While that is still expensive ($7.90 per gallon) it was something we could deal with. I think we've decided against the Jeep in order to buy something a little easier on the wallet at the pump.

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