Thursday, 5 August 2010

Excited? Me? Nah....

I'm beyond excited for our trip home. I took Li out shopping a little this morning (nothing extreme, just to pick up a few things for the trip that we had forgotten about, like baby sunscreen). I bought her a new toy phone and a new teething toy to play with on the plane to hopefully help make the super long journey a little more bearable... wish me luck! I also bought her a new swimming suit (two actually... they were on sale for 2.50!!!). I bought myself one as well (a one piece since the two piece swimming suits I have tend to show off my warrior/stretch marks). We are now pool ready :)

I also went ahead and bought Liara some jars of baby food/packets of food for the plane. She'll have all three of her feedings on the plane (we get there at 2 Houston time, so 8 our time, which is pretty much when we normally get ready for bed), and I didn't want to mess with trying to keep her food frozen and having to thaw it out. I let her try some of it today at her lunch time feed (I bought all organic stuff, that actually looks, smells and tastes yummy!) and she LOVED it. Like, she scarfed down half the jar in no time... hmm. Either she really likes the tastes of pear and banana together, or she likes the stuff better than the homemade goodness that I've been providing. She's had bananas (and liked them) and she's had pears (and loved them) but I hadn't put them together... so maybe that's it. Is it bad that my child apparently prefers store-bought food to homemade?

Oh well... at least I know she'll eat on the plane.

I also got her a cute little outfit to wear on the plane from Houston to Seattle... since she's wearing my favorite outfit tomorrow (Mommy's little love bug). It's a super sweet dress with little bloomers underneath (that's pretty much all the girl wears now anyway since pants tend to be too big on her at the waist, she's long and slim).

Anyways, I'm heading off to clean up the kitchen, again, and see if I can't get her down for nap so I can get some more packing done.

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B said...

Aww, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my CIO post! I enjoy the time also, despite it being more work than a CIO mommy has to do at night. I just can't let her sit in there and cry :(

I'm so looking forward to hearing about your trip! Hopefully it went great and you're resting and recovering well!!!