Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Who's Ready?!

Ok... so I thought I'd post our crazy schedule for our trip home so that I don't have to repeat myself a million times (like I haven't already!).

Friday, the 6th:

At 6 am our flight leaves from Aberdeen and we fly to Amsterdam (we get there at 8:40). At 10:40, we leave Amsterdam and fly to Houston. We get there at 1:55, and are spending the night with Cris and Tony (Nic's parents).

Saturday, the 7th:

We fly from Houston to Dallas (2-2:55), then from Dallas to Seattle (3:55-7:10). We'll pick up our bags and meet with my Mom, Raime & Joey (sister and brother in law) and Raisa, Taylor and Dax (nieces and nephews). Then we'll head back to arrivals, and pick up my grandparents! We'll all drive back to Olympia that night (in two packed cars!)

Sunday, the 8th-Wednesday, the 11th:

We'll visit with the above mentioned people, then take Great & Grandaddy to the airport so they can fly to California to visit with Thralene (my great aunt).

Wednesday, the 11th-Sunday, the 15th:

We'll continue to visit with Mom, Raime, Joey, Raisa, Taylor & Dax... with some family friends thrown in the mix every now and then.

Monday, the 16th:

We fly from Seattle to Dallas (9:25-4:25), then from Dallas to Houston (5:00-6:05! Eek... that's a tight plane change!). We'll then pick up the rental car, grab a quick bite to eat with Nic's family, and then drive to Galveston. We'll check into Moody Gardens that night :)

Tuesday, the 17th-Thursday, the 18th:

Nic has to attend a conference (the Deepwater Intervention Forum annual conference... he's on the board) during the day, so he'll be busy doing that while Liara and I catch some sunshine and enjoy the pools and activities at Moody Gardens and in Galveston :) At night, we'll catch up with some friends I'm sure and I think some friends of ours are joining me during the daytime (and possibly my cousin too!) a day or two.

Friday, the 19th:

We'll drive back to Houston, turn in the rental car, and stay with Nic's parents again.

Saturday, the 20th-Monday, the 23rd:

We'll still be at Cris & Tony's house. We do have some plans for these days to visit with friends, as well as have a barbeque where family and friends can come and visit and meet Liara for the first time! On Monday, we have a picnic planned for lunchtime :) We'll also get a family photo session done thanks to Marco (Nic's cousin). I'm excited!

Tuesday, the 24th:

We leave to come back to Aberdeen. We fly out at 3:55 and arrive in Amsterdam at 8:05 am, Wednesday.

Wednesday, the 25th:

We finish our flight home... we leave Amsterdam at 10:05 am, and arrive back in Aberdeen at 10:30. We plan to unpack, start laundry and sleep... Nic goes back to work on the 26th.

We still won't get to see everyone that we wanted to (like the rest of my family in the Lubbock/Amarillo/Plainview area...), but hopefully we'll get to see everyone we can while we're there! I'm glad that our landlords come over twice a day every day to feed their horses & shetland ponies, as they'll be checking in on the house and stuff as well. That's a huge comfort to me!

We're still waiting on a few documents to come through for Liara's visa application, which is making me a little nervous. The lawyer needs to amend one of her letters to change a date... that should be arriving today. The one that worries me is the bank statements. I've ordered them from the bank (we get online statements and they don't actually look like statements, so I had to order the original statements from the bank... pain in the booty!), but they still haven't come in yet. We didn't get any mail today, so they had better get here tomorrow or I'm not sure what we'll do about that. :/ Why in the world it takes up to 7 business days to get paper statements is beyond me. Don't you just hit "print" and then stick them in an envelope and mail them (they can't blame the mail either, everything gets here in one day since the country is so small)? So far we're on day 4... so I'm hoping they aren't going to need day 6 or 7! EEK! Too bad I didn't know we were going to need them before Friday. Here I thought that I was doing a good thing to save some trees....

Ok... I've got too many things to do to sit and worry about stuff I can't control. I've got to finish making my list of things to pack and get some stuff sorted! We leave the day after tomorrow! Hip hip hooray! :)

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