Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Biggest Snowflakes EVER!

I told a few of you that I'd send some pictures of the massive snowflakes that were falling so often the week before last. It snowed almost ALL week that week and I've never seen snowflakes so large. They were about the size of a US quarter. I hope you can tell in some of the pictures. It was so beautiful that Nic and I couldn't help but sit at the window and watch.

This picture was taken from my kitchen window (it looks to the backyard and garage/sunroom obviously). You can kind of see how large the flakes are.
I think this was like Wednesday of that week. It was still snowing, you can kind of see it in the field behind the house. I was trying to get the snowflakes that were right in front of me but the camera wouldn't pick them up for some reason.
I think this was the same day as the last picture. The sun did a pretty good job of melting the snow each day, so every day it was fresh. You can see that the sun had already melted the snow on the farm next door.
This was taken from the docks at "fun beach". We go here A LOT, the movie theatre is about a block from here. We usually park here and check out the waves and look at the ships that pass by before going to the movies.
This is just a close up of the lighthouse and some of the snow on the land. The wind was SO strong that day (this was probably the Saturday before last) and the waves got a lot bigger by the time we got out of the movies, but it was too dark to get them on film.

The sun is out and shining now, it's been sunny all week. Nic is amazed at how many bright days we've had in a row. I guess we are still used to crazy Texas weather where it changes on a day to day basis. We've been out enjoying the nice weather and hanging out with friends.

This weekend we played miniature golf and went bowling with Stavros and Fiona. We've been hanging out with them a lot the past few weeks, it's been nice to have other people around. Allan and Anja stopped by on Sunday morning, we hadn't seen them in a while (since before our trip back to the States). I was still asleep and Nic wasn't even fully dressed yet when they came, so it was a pretty quick visit. We are supposed to have dinner or something with them sometime soon. We completely forgot to tell them that we are moving soon and give them their mail (it's nothing important, junk mail... but still).

We also went to Hazlehead Park in Aberdeen, and it was beautiful! I think I've found my new favorite park. I wish Abraham was here so that we could take him, he'd really have a great time with all the people and interesting things to sniff. Because the flowers are all starting to bloom and the sun has been out, there were a lot of people there. It was definitely a place that we'll be going back to often. They have a miniature golf course there too (we went to the one on fun beach though) and they have one of the hedge mazes there that looks really fun. They hadn't opened it up yet when we were there, but we are definitely going to go back and do that... I've always wanted to go through a huge maze like that. We forgot to take the camera with us this time, we'll definitely remember next time.


kMarshall said...

i love how you were trying to take a picture of the snowflakes right in front of you...lol...i've tried that and yeah it doesn't work!

Katharine said...

Aww, yay you have a new blog! I'm excited to see all the pictures. Miss you!