Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Note to self:

You don't want to move again anytime soon. You always seem to forget that you HATE packing.

Nic's been working some long hours in the workshop this week (I think partially due to the fact that I'm packing this week and he doesn't like to participate in that kind of thing and it tends to piss me off when he doesn't help out. Haha. I'm glad that we don't have as much stuff to pack this time around.

Nic took the first load over to the house today (well, he's about to... he picks up the keys right about now). Basically it was our clothes and towels and an air mattress and stuff. We won't take the furniture over there until Saturday probably. I've been packing up everything else today (and taking a wee little nap) so that when he gets off of work this afternoon we can head over there again. The back door of the car still won't open due to the irresponsible farmer next door, which has made things a little difficult to load. We ended up putting down the back seats of the car and sliding everything towards the back, but it makes it interesting getting things in and out.

I'm starting to get anxious about not having the phone/internet for a few days again. I know they'll turn it on at the new house in a few days (or perhaps like 8 for the broadband), but still. I keep telling myself that I went a lot longer without it last time (a month and a half!) but I never wanted to do that again. I am wholly dependent on the internet for all kinds of entertainment and information and can say that life is yicky without it. Nic realized last night that he couldn't check his forums and engadget until they turned it back on and is starting to feel my pain I think. I don't think he understands my issues with it though. He gets to see people at work and have connections with the outside world while I'm at home. The internet and phone is all I have until he comes home. Well, and the TV but I think I could go a lot longer without that. I guess I'll just have to get some more reading material and keep myself occupied with putting everything away until they hook everything back up. Thank goodness I have my ipod.

The bunnies are back! I would take pictures of them but Nic has the camera (he has been taking it to work with him to take pictures of the new console that just came in). He's been working in the yard this week which has been a nice break for him I think. He doesn't have to wear his suits this week and gets to go in to work in jeans and a tee shirt (plus his steel toes). He's cute when he comes home because he has hard hat hair. hehe. I don't know where he's working today, he got me all confused by wearing jeans and a dress shirt. I know he's still doing some work in the yard seeing as he still had his boots on, and he was still complaining about having to lift a bunch of heavy stuff yesterday. I think he's gotten used to his desk job.

Nic and I were discussing our pheasant (well... mine really) friend last night and he had an interesting point. Maybe he didn't get hit by a car or do something else stupid. Maybe he just doesn't like the occasional smell of sewage. I don't either, and I wouldn't hang out around it if I didn't have to. Again, stupid farmer. I'm hoping he's right and that nothing happened to my feathered friend.

I've been drinking a TON of water lately because I've discovered what they call "squash" here. It's basically a concentrated juice that you mix with a lot of water and tastes really yummy. My favorite is the blackcurrant, but I like the pineapple mango a lot too. I'm really glad that I found it because I really needed to quit drinking sodas and start drinking more water. I now drink at least 4 glasses (they are 24 ounce glasses though) a day. What is great is that you get like 10 glasses out of every bottle of the squash stuff and you don't have to freeze it like juice at home. Good stuff.

Nic just called to say that he picked up the keys and is almost done unloading the first load over there, so I'm going to finish up packing. I'm going to take pictures when I get there, I'll post them tonight before the internet gets turned off tomorrow :(

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John, Carrie, Baby Boy, and Swampy Coplen said...

Good luck with everything! I hate moving too! I have to move next month and I am not looking forward to it. It will all be worth it in the end!