Thursday, 20 August 2009

150 days to go... 150 days.

Today I was looking at my google calendar and noticed that today there are roughly 150 days until the baby is due (I say roughly, because of course it's give or take two weeks as only God knows when I'll have our baby). This excited me to no end! YAY baby! I'm so excited and happy and can't wait to meet our new little family member!

Today, being today, also means that there is only two more weeks until the ultrasound! I can't wait to see our baby on the monitor again! It's such an amazing thing to see him or her swimming around in there! This time we'll get to see the baby for longer too, since they have to take all the measurements and do all their checks. We will not find out the sex this time. We're pretty sure we aren't going to find out the sex until the baby is born. How exciting!

I've started to work on a baby blanket. I'm crocheting off and on all day, depending on how achy my fingers get. Somehow my baby blanket looks nothing like the blankets my mom crochets. I don't get that... but oh well. I think it still looks alright and I'm getting there. I tried to pick a gender neutral color that I thought was pretty (it's a dark teal color) but Nick thinks it looks really "boyish". Whoops. I was going to get two colors and do every other row each color, but I don't know how to do that. All I can do is make flat things in straight lines. I'm sorry baby, I'm not the best at making blankets. Don't worry though, Mamo (my mom) is making a blanket for you too and I won't hold it against you if you like her's better.

Oh... we went to the movies last night and I got starbursts again (this is the second time I've done that instead of getting my usual Malteasers.... I know.. crazy!) and was greeted by the same response from the baby this time. LOADS of kicks. :) Either it's way too much sugar for the little person, or they really like starbursts. Nick thinks it's all in my head so I think I may get some and let him listen with the fetal monitor until he can feel them himself. It's too funny. Seriously, like 5 minutes after I eat one... it's like the baby is doing aerobics in there! Love it!

It's two weeks until we leave for Wales again (we're supposed to leave right after the ultrasound)... this time for nearly three weeks! It should be exciting and we're looking forward to it. It'll be good to see everyone again and to finish up some projects with Deeptrek. It's also about 6 weeks (well... 6 weeks 2 days) until Cris comes to visit. Fun stuff coming up!

OH! I almost forgot. Lord help me.... I finally caved in and decided to get a couple new bras because it was getting to the point where it was painful. So I've moved up from my lovely 36 C's to the ridiculous 40 D's. Yeah... no wonder my ribs were killing me that one week (if I didn't write about it, I've complained to a couple of people... it hurt to breathe or move really because it felt like my ribcage was breaking and poking my lungs) ... they were expanding 4 inches. Nick seems to think it's great, while I on the other hand am a little concerned. Yeah, big boobs are cool and pretty to look at, but oh my gosh are they heavy! Everyone keeps telling me... "oh you just wait until your milk comes in" and I'm not sure I want to! How big are they going to get?!

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