Monday, 31 August 2009


I have a lot to do this week but am seriously lacking the motivation to do any of it.

Here's my to do list so far:

1. Clean the house! - We are going to be in Wales for a while and would hate for the house to be dirty when we get back... that and the landlord has a habit of doing inspections when we are on holiday. I need to do a quick clean of the kitchen (I did most of it this weekend), thoroughly clean the living room/dining room, pick up the study, vacuum the carpets all over, put the clean clothes away in our bedroom, and clean the bathrooms (I did the toilets this weekend, but the rest still need done). Whew.

2. Mow the yard. This would be easier if it wasn't raining this week. I've been ready to do this a few times and then couldn't because it was too wet.

3. Pack for the trip- I need to get Nic and I packed for however long we'll be there. We need both cold and warm clothes, swimming gear (which I have NONE for me that fits now), our dry suits, all of the Deeptrek gear that we have at the house, and all my preggo stuff (like prenatals, pillows, blanket making stuff, etc).

4. Finish up doing the laundry- This won't be hard... I have one load to go and then I'm caught up completely, including the sheets and blankets in the house.

5. Get insurance for the cars and the hilux... this is proving to be really difficult actually for some reason. I've been working on this all week and have got nowhere. It's really frustrating.

6. Finish fixing the Hilux and RIB- The parts for the RIB still haven't come in yet, so that we are just waiting on... but it needs to be done before Thursday. The Hilux is currently in the shop getting repaired, but we'll see if it gets done in time.

7. Go to dinner/movie with Nic, Bob, Jacqui, Mike, Jenny, Stavros and Fiona- this doesn't really need any preparation, it just takes one night of time (Tuesday).

I'm sure there is other stuff I'm forgetting, but that's all I can think of at the moment. Let's see... it's 2:30 on Monday and we leave (hopefully) at like lunchtime on Thursday (after the ultrasound!). So I have a little less than 3 days to get it all done.

Here's hoping I find the motivation needed to get my booty in gear.

I figured I'd throw in a picture as well for those of you who aren't on Facebook so you can see the bump (although Papa thinks I'm past the "bump" phase and onto the "mound" since I'm big... lol).

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John, Carrie, Grant, and Swampy said...

You look great!! I am sooo excited for you guys!! Don't worry about the motivation. You will kick it back into high gear during your last trimester when you start nesting.