Friday, 14 August 2009

Wannabe Craft Freak

I am in a really crafty mood lately... All I want to do is crochet or mod podge or make silhouettes or decorate. However, I'm able to do none of the above due to lack of supplies. I have crocheting needles (thanks to a recent purchase on ebay), mod bodge (again... ebay), and fabric squares (need I say where from?). I don't have yarn or spare magazines (other than car ones...) or anything to mod podge, or large paper or any other required essentials for my crafty desires. It's annoying and to be honest a little depressing. Especially since I have all of the above needed items in my storage unit in Texas. That's helpful. BOO.

So, instead of being crafty, I've been a bookworm. So far this week I have finished Husband Coached Childbirth (a book on the Bradley Method), Belly Laughs (Jenny McCarthy), Baby Laughs (again, Jenny McCarthy), The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy (actually the best so far...) and am debating starting another book tonight. Our friend Liz so generously gave us several books to read when Nick was in Houston (Thanks Liz! You're a star!) so I've got another two or three from her to read. I'm also ordering one on water births from ebay (surprise surprise) and am looking forward to that.

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